January Greeblepix Contest!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! It also happens to be the start of Greeblepix week!

Yet again, the Greeblepix winner will receive a $250 camera equipment rental from Pro Photo Rental!

I know! So cool! Great equipment from Canon, Nikon, Olympus with free three day shipping (except for a Canadian winner, whose shipping is wrapped into the $250 prize).

I was thinking given the significance of today, and the fact that we have an historic inauguration tomorrow – we’d have a LOOSE theme of “Inspired” this month. But you know I like to keep it open, so you don’t HAVE to follow that theme. Just a photo you took, no matter when you took it, that you want to share with us.




1. All levels of photographers are welcome. Encouraged, even. Everyone, everyone, everyone is welcome.
2. Except! No family members of Greeblemonkey are eligible.
3. You must be the photographer of the photo you submit and have clearance for any people in the photos.
4. One photo/entry per person per month.
5. Winner from last month, please take a month off.
6. Photo can be taken specifically for the contest, or in the past.
7. United States and Canadian photographers only.
8. No anonymous entries. Please make sure I can contact you via email!
9. Photos must be submitted below by 10pm Mountain time, Tuesday January 20th, 2009 to be considered.


PHASE ONE (Monday thru Tuesday night):

Select your entry photo.

Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr.

Use this badge in your post, if you like. (Right click and pull down to “Save Image As” to grab the badge).

Add the URL of your photo to Mr. Linky below to enter the contest.

The deadline for entries is 10pm Mountain time, Tuesday January 20th, 2009.


PHASE TWO (Wednesday Morning – Thursday Night):

I will select 10 finalists to go into a Polldaddy voter widget on this blog. Check back on Wednesday to see if you made it!

*Everyone* votes for the final winner! Voting ends Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at midnight Mountain time.


PHASE THREE (Friday Morning):

I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month!

The winner will receive the prize directly from Pro Photo Rental via email once I officially give the word.


That’s it! Good luck! Have fun!

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  1. monstergirlee

    I’ve been waiting for days for this months contest. And the photo I selected really goes with the theme. It shows how much of a wonderful goof my dad is – he stuck his hand in front of my camera just to be silly, and its such a shot of his silly personality. As well as his stubby finger which he cut of like 50 years ago. You have no idea how excited I was to see I had taken a picture of Dad’s stubby finger. And how much of an influence he had on who I am today, and how thankful I am for that influence, and how he inspires me to work harder, try harder, be a better person everyday.
    ah, I’m getting all misty just thinking about him.

    Anyway, thanks for your contest for another month.

  2. Laura

    i so look forward to your monthly contest. everyone inspires me so much and honestly i think that is the medicine i need the most right now.

  3. San

    Here, trying to make it once again 🙂

  4. Jody

    Great contest Greeble!
    I am loving your blog and this concept.
    My photo was taken a few days ago as I wandered out for some photo’s near my home. I was looking for some inspiration; which is hard to come by in this cold brown winter. No snow Here so far lol.
    So I stopped along the road by the waters edge in my car and wandered out camera in hand. The sun was shining over the tops of the reeds so I snapped the photo.
    I love putting quotes or music to my photo’s. Helps me to set a mood in my mind anyway. We lost an incredible artist Andrew Wyeth this past week. He has brought us his art for many years and will be missed. But he Will live on thru his beautiful artwook. I loved his quote…and hope you can enjoy the sentiment behind it.

  5. Brandi

    Thanks for the email letting me know about this month’s contest. Fingers crossed!

  6. Mrs. Flinger

    okdamnit. I’m in. AGAIN. 😉

  7. Barbara

    I’m in! Fun fun. =)

  8. Kelly K

    Entering the Greeblepix contest for the first time! Always enjoy your blog!

  9. Thursday's Child

    I’ve seen these contests here all the time, and I decided I’d try my hand for once.

    Thanks Greeblemonkey!

  10. Manisha

    Hey thanks for the reminder! Lovely pics in the mix already! Lots of luck to everyone!

  11. Jen F

    My girlfriends are my inspiration and bring a lot of joy into my life. The women in this picture represent intelligence, motherhood, independence, youth, creativity, hope… and so much more. Thanks for letting me share!

  12. Chris

    I am SO in. lol. And I need that $250 rental credit for a rental in February. So let me save you the trouble and just pick me. Thank you. 😉

  13. thousand words photography

    i love to find inspiration in little everyday things that others my pass by on a daily basis. i love the simple things in live and i am inspired daily to capture them and realize what is really important.
    i am very excited to see what other post for this contest….this can evoke some really wonderful images.
    thanks for doing this!

  14. Meghann

    My picture is of my son Logan. Despite all of his difficulties, he’s a ray of sunshine in our house.

  15. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys are ROCKIN IT just like always! Thanks so much for your support and keep em coming!!!

  16. Amy

    Thanks for the invitation… it was fun reviewing archived photos to see what inspires me. Change inspires me. History inspires me. I think tomorrow will be monumentally inspiring for many people in many places.

    I look forward to your monthly contests!

  17. Silenus81

    Fantastic entries as usual, folks! Thanks for the great contest! 🙂

  18. Joanna

    Throwing my hat in too! :o) Thanks for the fun!

  19. Grey Street Girl

    I’m in! What a great idea for a theme! I love checking out all the photos entered!

  20. cwPhotography

    My photograph is inspiring to me because it’s a reminder that the simple things are funny. It’s also a reminder to stay creative.

    I’m looking forward to seeing who wins this month!

  21. Sarah Long

    The 15th entry is mine. Ü This photo makes me think that it would make Martin Luther King Jr. smile perhaps. Cheers.

    Sarah Long

  22. Christina

    Thanks for another month of fun!

  23. Andie

    First timer here, thanks for offering these fun contests!

  24. meg manion silliker

    ok my shot is my little one holding a card with a very poignant quote about angels. when you ask annie who her angel is she will say her nana, and when you ask her where her nana is she will say in heaven. my mom passed away during my pregnancy. not a day goes by that we don’t think or talk about her. annie is named after her – my annie gals are my inspiration on a daily basis. and i know how truly lucky i am.

  25. monstergirlee

    Lots of great photos so far Aimee – I look forward to seeing the rest.

  26. carrie

    Thanks again, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful photographs!

  27. Gayle

    Hi! I found you through a Dolce Pics Twitter message. I am new to photography. My photo is of my oldest son’s guitar. His playing is inspiring! Thank you for this great contest!

  28. Michelle Leigh

    What beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see who the winner is! My picture is of my baby boy. My kids inspire me and it may sound cliche’ but it’s true! Thanks for hosting this awesome contest! I love looking at the pictures!

  29. Magic Mom

    Okay! I’m going to try it for the first time. Be gentle!

  30. Kim

    I entered.. I found the beauty I found at the park this morning inspiring… I will make sure to bring my tripod next time!

  31. kerrianne.org

    Love inspires me, amen.

  32. ambpapergirl

    I just added my picture to this mix for this month. I snapped it while in Paris for my 10th wedding anniversary. The view from the top of Notre-Dame was truly awe inspiring!

    Thanks for the monthly contest! I love looking at all the entries!

  33. Jenna

    I hope you can all see the joy in my daughter’s eyes, and find inspiration in it. I enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos–that in itself inspires me! Good luck to all!

  34. Carlos Bohorquez Nassar

    Nice contest, this is my first try, great site.

    Good luck all.


  35. Sew Fab Martha

    Great collection of inspired shots coming along here!
    Thanks Greeblemonkey for inspiring us all!

  36. Madame Meow

    Yay! Contest time :o)

  37. pierce

    I did it.

  38. Kelly

    I was planning to wander over here and see what was happening after the contest I entered in December. Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Danielle

    I humbly enter your contest, I really don’t think I belong in such esteemed company.

  40. Robin

    My husband inspires me all the time as he’s the focus of my photo but then the reflection of me in his sunglasses shows I am his inspiration as well.

  41. kristin

    can’t wait to see everyone’s inspiring pics! i did the “love project” that was happily mailed to me and i mailed on to someone new. love traveling the world from japan to me to….. keep the love going.

  42. kristin

    oh and if i am exempt this month no problem, i didn’t think of that when i posted. xoxo k

  43. Amy

    I love this contest…it’s so fun to see everyone’s photos!!

  44. Kia

    This is my first time in this contest. Good luck to everyone!

  45. girl

    Here goes nothing! Thanks for the heads up!

  46. ~Sheryl

    Aimee, thanks for your contest. I just love the thought of being able to show my pics with these amazing photograpers.

    Happy Obama Day to you!

  47. Her Bad Mother

    My first time! (My post has two photos – I prefer the second – but… is that okay?)

  48. jess

    first contest ever.

  49. Beth

    this is my first contest of any kind and it was impossible for me to pick just one photo..so I decided to pick the photo of the one who loves me best !!

    thank you !!

  50. Jamie

    I haven’t seen Mr. Linky today. Here’s my entry: http://umbrellablog.com/photography/inspired/

  51. Sheila @ Dr Cason.org

    Hmmm I think the Guam time messed me up. I might have missed it. I tried anyway. 🙂

  52. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You missed it Sheila, sorry!

  53. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And Jamie and Kelly, I got ya! Thanks!

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