July Greeblepix Contest – $250 Camera Rental, Anyone?

I have been on a photo tear lately. Too many photos, not enough editing time. Do you get like that? Where photos are backed up on your hard drive, waiting to be editing, posted, or whatever you do with pics? I am soooo there right now. Ugh. Maybe July should be Spring Cleaning month for photos?

Either way – find ONE of your best to show with us. Either current or in the past. No theme, just find a picture of yours that really resonates right now.

And hooray for the awesome PRIZE that goes to the winner of this contest!
$250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental!


1. All levels of photographers are welcome. Encouraged, even. Everyone is welcome.
2. OK, except family members or co-workers of Greeblemonkey.
3. You must be the photographer of the photo you submit and have clearance for any people in the photos.
4. One photo/entry per person per month.
5. Winner from last month, please take a month off.
6. Photo can be taken specifically for the contest, or in the past.
7. United States photographers only.
8. No anonymous entries.
9. Photos must be submitted to Mr. Linky below by midnight WEDNESDAY JULY 21, 2010 to be considered.

– Select your entry photo.
– Post your pic on your blog, or on Flickr.
– Use this badge in your post, if you like. (Right click and pull down to “Save Image As” to grab the badge).

– Add the direct link to your photo post or Flickr page to Mr. Linky below to enter the contest.
– The deadline for entries is midnight WEDNESDAY JULY 21, 2010.


– I will select 10 finalists to go into a Polldaddy voter widget on this blog.
– Check back on THIS THURSDAY to see if you made it!
Everyone votes for the final winner!
– Voting ends midnight THURSDAY.

– I will reveal the Greeblepix Winner of the Month THIS FRIDAY!
– The winner will receive the prize directly from Pro Photo Rental via email once I officially give the word.


Many thanks to Pro Photo Rental for their continued support.

*all times Mountain.

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  1. monstergirlee

    Hi – I am entered.
    I kind of feel the same way about my photos, they all need work. So they just kind of sit there and wait. And thats about it.

    Thank you for hosting this contest every month, I always really look forward to it.

  2. Jerry Deese

    Looking forward to another month of awesome photos.

  3. Adam

    Always a great collection of images here!

  4. Elizabeth @ Miss Wisabus

    First time entering! Thanks for hosting this contest, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Leslie

    Aimee… me too!!! I feel the exact same way… overwhelmed by too many photos that need to be reviewed and processed.

    I wrote about it this morning on my blog… http://www.thel-list.com/

    Thank you for the contest!!!!

  6. nsanderson

    If the first 9 or so are any indication, this is going to be an excellent month of submissions. Great work on here so far!

  7. Anonymous

    looking forward to all the great photos again this month. Good luck everyone.


  8. Marcene Perry

    As always, looking forward to this months contest! Thanks for having these, it’s fun to look through everyone’s photos.

  9. melissa

    Entering my first picture. Exciting! 🙂

  10. Tug

    My biggest problem lately is being overwhelmed with all the changes at work…feeling pretty locked in there with no time or energy to take new photos. This photo is from work, ironically. 😉

  11. Piper of Love

    I entered one of my personal favorite shots. It’s totally SOOC, too, and the depth and color and focus in it sort of still blows my mind a little bit. I love it, lots!

    Also? My camera is dead now, I only have my iPhone. So, the rental would rock my world 🙂

  12. Michelle Leigh

    I can’t wait to see all the fabulous shots!

  13. Ms. Jen

    I am entering the big (first) photo in this photo essay from the weekend: http://www.blackphoebe.com/msjen/2010/07/judes-souper-saturda.html


  14. Carl

    Good Luck Everyone!

  15. A's Mom

    Ok, I entered. Can’t wait to see the finalist.

  16. Michele Drumm Photography

    Entered for the first time. There are some fantastic photos already.

  17. Erika

    While I get excited to go somewhere new, I also get frustrated. That means more photos to edit!!

    Can’t wait to scroll through the photos.

  18. Imelda

    I entered! Its been a while and I could use the rental 😀

    Taken while playing with a pocket wizard.. that’s all I can say because I don’t know much about flash photography 🙁

  19. agirlandaboy

    I love Greeblepix time!

  20. wendy bristol photography

    Entered! Pic was taken right before the cop came to throw us out.

  21. Kristen

    I entered! Good luck to everyone!

  22. kristin

    thanks as always aimee! can’t wait to see the finalists.


  23. Brad

    Lots of great pictures. Looking forward to seeing the finalists.

  24. Amy W.

    I’m with you, so many summertime photos just sitting waiting.


  25. Meghann

    Entered what is currently my favorite out of my newer stuff.

  26. sarai

    Can’t wait to see all the entries!

  27. Kelly

    Glad I made it home in time to participate! My first time to Myrtle Beach, and aside from the hotness and humidity, it was great fun, and a good place for photos! Thanks for letting us play Aimee!!

  28. Sew Fab Martha

    Thanks again, Aimee! Always enjoy choosing a photo for your contest and crossing my fingers for a lens rental!

  29. Anonymous

    I love looking at all these photos even though I am not a photographer! I love this contest! – m

  30. TG

    Thank you for posting this contest…
    custom metal furniture

  31. Victoria Fatum

    Yay! Another month has come around!

  32. janice

    Oh,,if only i know how to be a photographer i would love to join..But,anyways i still enjoy watching your photos thanks for sharing them.,

    Congrats in advance to the winner!!

    marbella trip advisor

  33. Robin

    Thanks to Vicki Fatum for the heads up! My first photo entry – woot!

  34. Cheryl

    OH CRAP! I just found out my photo was labelled PRIVATE! Too late! I’m so bummed to not even be considered.

    Cheryl @ Deckside Thoughts #44.

  35. Jen

    great finalists!

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