July Greeblepix Winner!

Wow, wow, wow, it was CLOSE again this month. The winner became the winner by ONE hanging chad vote. Nicole Civita came in a close second with Night Shift Rear View… but our winner this month was…

Dawn – Good Energy To The Earth

Such a lovely image, Dawn. Thanks for sharing it with us. And send me your email so we can get you hooked up with the also awesome Pro Photo Rental and your $250 rental prize.

Thanks to EVERYONE for your help and support. See you next month!

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  1. Meghann

    Congrats to her!

    (does it make me a nerd that I already have next month’s photo picked out? No? Oh good.)

  2. The Bug

    Excellent! Just call me Chad (I voted for this pic).

  3. Vanessa

    beautiful photo, great choice!

  4. dawn

    wow! wowowowowow! thank you. so very much! i am thrilled beyond words!

  5. Nicole

    Congratulations, Dawn. I will not be taking this one to the Supreme Court 😉 Your photo is beautiful.

  6. monstergirlee

    Congrats Dawn! A wonderful photo indeed!

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