Keane – Live in Boulder, Colorado

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  1. megan

    Whoah Aimee. Those are crazy. It does look like an amazing night!

  2. zipper

    holy crap, Aimee!

  3. Paul Merrill

    Looks like it was an amazing night! And very cool to be so close…

  4. DiPaola Momma

    Does your awesomeness know no bounds woman?!

  5. Jen Myronuk

    Wow Aimee! Thanks for inviting me along to see you in action that night w/our fancy VIP passes. A magical night for sure. Your photographs brilliantly capture Keane in all their brilliance…

  6. Karen

    Wild Aimee – so excited for you!! (and damn – you’re concert talented!)

  7. imelda


  8. Melissa Taylor

    wow – I love the photos!

  9. Anonymous

    Wow, so you took these pictures? And set them to music. I really need
    to learn to do that. My grandma and aunt recently had their dog pass
    away and want to do a video music photo montage to remember her. Great job! This is awesome!

  10. Marcus

    I totally love Keane. What a fun band to see live. Thanks for putting this together.

  11. vrgriffith

    I love it! Keane is one of my favorite bands too!Looks like a magical night.:)

  12. Sloane Berrent

    Awesome photos, I love Keane too. You go girl!

  13. Kelly

    WHAT?!?! OMG!! Lucky!! (said in best Napoleon Dynamite voice)
    How awesome. I will see them one day. Oh yes, I will. 🙂

  14. Rachel Ferrucci

    Whoa! I’m so happy for you. The pictures are amazing (as if I expected anything else) Looks like it was a great concert!

  15. BusyDad

    I will be just as excited as you come Sept 29 when I go to see the Pixies, one of my fav bands of all time. Awesome you had that experience!

  16. Petit Elefant

    You’re the bomb. And I want you to teach me some of your mad photo skillz.

  17. Anonymous

    Love these , love that you are doing these little photo videos! Keep em coming! – m

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