KT Tunstall – Live in Denver

We all know I love music, right? One of the cool things about being a parent is passing that love of music down to my child. Declan picked up on it early – and his tastes are as diverse as both Bryan’s and mine.

But there were a few songs he REALLY attached to right around the time when music REALLY clicked for him. He was 4 years old and would SCREAM from his car seat every time the “WOO HOO” song came on the radio. (If you can’t figure it out, translation: “Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall.) The other two songs that totally did it for him that year? “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter and “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer. I don’t think I will EVER forget the lyrics for those three songs. EVER.


Since then, he’s fallen in love with Weezer, Alicia Keyes, Michael Franti, The Fray and yes… Taylor Swift. Diversity. WOO HOO! (If you can’t figure it out, that last WOO HOO was sarcasm).

So, when One2One asked me to go to KT’s latest stop on Denver and cover the show, I was really sad that Declan could not go (16 and up only, although I did consider putting him in platforms and going for it). Declan still adores her, and we both really like her new album – especially the single “Fade Like A Shadow.”


We are lucky here in Colorado, because we also have diverse radio stations, ones who are willing to take risks on unknown artists. KT took time during the show to thank our very own KBCO, who apparently was one of the first stations to play that WOO HOO song that Declan was so fond of.


I had heard that KT was good live, and she did not disappoint. For an adorable, diminutive little pixie of a Scotswoman, she packs a punch. Amazing voice, friendly interactions, and lots of layers to the music – a real treat live.

In fact, the tech nerd in me was fascinated with a technique she used, where she would clap or sing a repetitive rhythm for a song and then the computers would pick up what she did and keep going with it – row row your boat style. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the technical name for it, Row Row Your Boat Rhythm. Either way, it added to the depth of the songs without sounding too over-mixed. WOO HOO! (No sarcasm that time).



Great show. Great music.


The only thing missing was Declan.

Next time, kid.

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  1. Megan

    So fun and love the photos.

  2. zipper

    Too bad Declan could not go! You should have pushed for it! ha ha!!!

  3. Kim at Beehive Blog

    ohhhh I love KT Tunstall and so does my 13 yr old! Great pics and review!

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Wow, Larry – thanks for the info! Cool!

  5. Larry Hogue

    Nice review. Saw her in San Diego on this tour, and she was great. Unfortunately, sound was a little off at the House of Blues. I’ve heard that wasn’t such a problem at some of the other venues where she’s been playing.

    That repeating thing is a loop pedal, BTW. Google KT Tunstall and “wee bastard” (her nickname for it). Or Google Black Horse and Jools Holland, for a video of her first performance on UK television. Just her and the loop pedal, and you can see the amazed looks on the audience and other musicians in the studio. Stunning peformance!

  6. painted maypole

    great pictures!

  7. Petrus

    Awesome review! Awesome pictures!

  8. Jen

    I saw her in NYC, LOVED her!!

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