Black Lives Matter


Like many in America, I am at a loss. I’m angry. I’m scared. Not for myself, but for black and brown friends who are vulnerable to so much systemic racism – that is laid bare again and again but nothing seems to change. I am trying not to feel hopeless, and I am trying to listen.

Even writing this post seems indulgent, but also not writing this post felt disrespectful. So many people across the country have raised their voices these past few weeks, told their stories, had their bodies broken. As a privileged white person, I need to listen, and figure out where I can help.

We all can’t do everything. Normally, I would have been down at the protests too, but I am high risk for COVID. Instead, we donated the highest amount we could afford to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I have been RTing perspectives and information as much as possible to help spread the word.

The revolution has many lanes

I have been asking questions. Having conversations. But mostly, listening.

Following the leadership of black people in Denver and around the country, letting them tell me what the next steps should be.

If we learn one thing from all this, let it be that.


Header photo by Johnny Silvercloud on Flickr

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