Complete London Packing List - What To Bring To London

Complete London Packing List (Printable) – What To Bring on A London Trip

We head back to London soon, and I have been working on our packing list. I realized you all could benefit from my Type-A personality, so I will share a printable as well as a spreadsheet that you can build on yourself. I did not include any “brands” in my list, except for Transport of London’s Oyster Card, which we ordered in advance and was delivered to our house in Denver weeks ago. The Oyster Card is used in London’s Tube as well as their mass transit options (bus, tram, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line, River Bus services and most National Rail services). So, I probably should have listed that as a “necessity.”

A few reminders: It rains in London. So, while winter doesn’t get as cold as say, Denver, it’s humid and crisp. Go for layers and warm, comfortable shoes (there is also lots of walking). Londoners dress up more than Americans, so keep that in mind. They also use a different electricity current (220) than the USA, so a converter is crucial. Most of our tech devices can handle that, but many American hair dryers cannot, so leave that item at home and use the hotel’s.

The packing list is grouped by topic and then alphabetical. Copy the text below for your own list, check out the printable, or download the spreadsheet (Excel .xlsx format). Hope this helps and have a great trip!

Packing List for London, England

✔️ Item Type
Clothing (Layers) Clothing
Comfortable Shoes Clothing
Dressy Clothes Clothing
Hat Clothing
Raincoat Clothing
Scarf Clothing
Umbrella Clothing
Hand Sanitizer Medication
Pain Reliever Medication
Stomach Aid Medication
Your Medications Medication
Boarding Pass Necessity
Credit Card Necessity
Passport / ID Necessity
UK Electric Adapter Necessity
UK Pounds Cash Necessity
Battery Charger(s) Tech
Camera Tech
Cords Tech
Headphones Tech
International SIM or Phone Plan Tech
Maps on Phone Tech
Phone Tech
Power Strip Tech
Hotel Information Tickets
Itinerary Tickets
Oyster Card Tickets
Tickets To Tours & Events Tickets
Deodorant Toiletries
Makeup Toiletries
Sunscreen Toiletries
Coin Purse Travel Accessories
Journal Travel Accessories
Pen Travel Accessories
Small Backpack Travel Accessories
Water Bottle (Empty) Travel Accessories


Complete London Packing List - What To Bring To London - Printable #Travel #London #England

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