Magic Giant at Ophelia's - Denver Concert Photos

Magic Giant, Heavy Gus & The Orphan The Poet at Ophelia’s Denver

The last time I saw Magic Giant in concert was right before… well, you know. To see them again now, over the weekend that Ophelia’s has finally reopened (from, you know) was pretty… well, magical. Ophelia’s has made some modifications to accommodate larger and more raucous shows, so Magic Giant was a perfect band for their rebirth.

The night started with The Orphan The Poet, a duo I met while covering the Bunbury Music Festival. They continue to be a great band live, with super danceable tunes, plus all around nice guys. The Orphan The Poet stay on tour through the Spring and then are playing both Wonderstruck and Wonderbus this summer.

Next up was Stelth Ulvang (of the Lumineers)’s new band, Heavy Gus – which is a collaboration with Dorota Szuta (also his wife) and Ryan Dobrowski. They joked they were “sort of from here,” and Denver was happy to have them back, playing new and beautiful music. Heavy Gus’ full LP is due out this year.

Then, of course, Magic Giant. The band just released a new album, The Valley, this year – but the show was a mix of new and old faves. Personally, “Disaster Party” is my fave Magic Giant song because it captures both the insanity of the past few years as well as the craziness of their shows. Party is an understatement. They all have huge energy and huge smiles. It’s infectious. Terrific musicianship. A sea of friendly fans. I think it’s pretty near impossible to have a bad time at one of their concerts.

And if you want to have a more intimate experience with Magic Giant and friends, check out their Camp Misfits – an intimate music festival that meets summer camp (!) – in May 2022.

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The Orphan & The Poet

Heavy Gus

Magic Giant

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