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It is so interesting how you cultivate different friends in different social networks. Sure some overlap, but I have different friends on Facebook than Twitter than Flickr and so on.

There are a core group of women whose photographs on Flickr can not only raise my mood – they make my day.

Meredith Winn, aka Camera Shy Mama, is one of them.

You may recognize Meredith’s name from the fantastic Shutter Sisters, or even from previous Greeblepix contests. (Psssst, we have one going on RIGHT NOW. You better enter.)

But what I am super exited about today is the fact that Meredith is taking a big step with her art. She is putting herself out there in an Etsy Shop, and is self-publishing a book. I am thrilled for her. Even more importantly, I know it took a lot for her to do this, so I am incredibly proud.

And cheering her on like a mo-fo.

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  1. Megan

    Lovely photos!

  2. Anonymous

    Just went and looks at her stuff … amazing! -m

  3. Hannah

    I am truly inspired.

  4. Cheryl

    That is one lovely photo. I’ve been there I just know it!

  5. monstergirlee

    WOW, her photos are amazing.
    Thanks for sending me her way.

  6. Jonathan

    It is so true… I have different friends on Twitter than I do on Facebook. I assumed the same was true for Flickr as well. Her photos are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bryan

    Now I know where to get presents for Aimee this year. Awesome shots!

  8. Kim Hosey

    You’re totally right about the different friends in social networks. I LOVE my Flickr friends. So inspirational. (Plus, it’s where I found you!)

    And freaking yes. That photo … sigh. Good for you, Meredith.

  9. Smiling, Beguiling

    I always feel SO inspired to create (photos, words, art, food, whatever) when I come to your blog Ms. Aimee…

    This post is yet another example.


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