My Body Sings Electric - Post Malone Cover - Video and Single

My Body Sings Electric Cover of Post Malone: Video Premiere + Interview

I am lucky to call the band My Body Sings Electric friends. So, when we were cooking up the idea for Birthaversary and selecting bands to play, they were my first choice. Extra luckily, they agreed – and will be headlining the show tomorrow night.

Lucky for all of us, they also have a new single ready, and it’s a cover of the Post Malone song “I Fall Apart.” The video is premiering here on Greeblehaus and also over with my co-Birthaversary pals Prelude Press.

That’s one of the things I love about our Denver music scene – the sharing and friendship. You get a sense of how fun MBSE is from my interview below and my past posts about them. I hope we all have fun on Saturday night at Birthaversary and that you will join us!

My Body Sings Electric Video for Post Malone Cover

Interview With My Body Sings Electric

Why a Post Malone cover?

As much as people make fun of Post, a lot of his music is very emotional and sad which makes it pretty easy to translate into what MBSE does.

Tomorrow’s show is essentially a celebration of Denver music. Who has been among your favorite locals to play or work with?

These questions are always a trap because someone gets left out haha. In recent years we’ve become big supporters of bands like Silver & Gold, Overslept and The Hollow. We love to connect with bands who are passionate about their live shows and we’ve been honored to play some shows with these groups recently.

If you had to change the name of the band, what would the new name be and why would you choose that name?

When we first got together, we set up a wacky bracket system to decide what to call ourselves. “Below Bermuda” was the winner of the bracket challenge and we all hated it. We’d definitely have to go with that.

How many broken bones has the band had, total?

One leg for Brandon, two wrists for Jeff, an elbow and foot for Nick. Justin has yet to break himself while in the band. Jason hasn’t broken any bones but is constantly cutting himself on the bandsaw at work.

First concerts for each of you?

It was actually Carlos Santana playing the smash hit single “Smooth” featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 on endless repeat.

What are the plans for 2019?

We are releasing a new full length, new videos, and a few more covers this year!

My Body Sings Electric - Post Malone Cover Video

Photo by Kate Rose

Birthaversary Concert Details

DJ Alf turned 49 in January. This blog turned 13 in last November. The Prelude Press will turn 5 in March. We are joining forces for a “birthaversary” celebration. Each of us has asked an act to play – plus there will be a set of 45s+1 with DJ Alf.

Mos Eisley Brothers is a “Frankenband” from one of DJ Alf’s Halfoween events – meaning a band he “stitched” together from other Denver bands – featuring Kelsey Marchman (Thousand Frames), SF1, Meaghan Lillis (Altas), Brennan Johnson (AMZY) and Michael Thompson.

Innerspace is a rock band from Denver with a penchant for cool videos. My Body Sings Electric will close out the night.

I will be giving away a ton of 8×10 concert prints all through the night. Come join us for the party!

Saturday, January 19th
Lost Lake Lounge
3602 E Colfax Ave, Denver
2 Blocks East of Bluebird Theater
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
Ages 16+

Tickets available online or at the door!

Greeblehaus Birthaversary with My Body Sings Electric

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