My evil plan is coming together nicely

Everyone knows we love to play board games. (Having the time to actually play them is another story, of course). And up until tonight, games for Declan meant his own weird rules and never, ever, ever managing to finish.

But tonight we had a breakthrough. He played a full game of Chutes & Ladders. He stayed Elmo thoughout the whole game and kept the pieces where they were supposed to be. He went up ladders and down chutes. He waited until it was his turn to go again. OK, so we had to continually remind him he doesn’t get to keep spinning the dial until he hits a number he likes – but baby steps, alright?

Oh, yes. I can see it coming. Nights of Monopoly, Scrabble, Scategories, Blokus – and then we’ll hit the motherload: CRANIUM.

And here is the best part. Declan is a good sport. He was just as happy when I came in first as when he came in second and Daddy came in last.

Oh yes. Life will be sweet.

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