November Greeblemix Contest – And How Did You Find Your Fave Bloggers?

First off – HOW WAS HALLOWEEN??? Seriously. Halloween runs a close second to Thanksgiving for my favorite holiday, and this year we celebrated for a full week, which was AWESOME with me. I am sure I will have more photos up soon of the actual day, but be sure to check out my Denver Zombie Crawl photos from last weekend. What a hoot!

Now. How about some new music???

I give away 3 mix CDs every month, so comment away to get one!

1. Comment as often as you like, up until midnight THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2010.
2. No anonymous comments.
3. Winners from last month, please take a month off.
4. Then, FRIDAY MORNING, I will use to randomly select three winners. Three free mix CDs for three winners!
5. Winners must be willing to give me their snail mail to send the CD. If you don’t send me your address, I can’t send the CD. (And please be patient, I usually take *at least* a week or two!)
6. No need to have to have a blog to enter. We are equal opportunity around here.

Check out the types of Mix CD’s that previous winners have received.

One of the winners from last month, Kelly, mentioned in her winning email how she found me way back when, and she thought that might be an interesting question for this month.

I love that!

So, how did you find Greeblemonkey, or *any* of your favorite blogs, really? I think it is so fascinating how we connect with each other.

As for me, it’s been a while, so the memories are a bit foggy. I do (of course) remember reading Dooce very early, which lead me to Finslippy and Fussy. I also remember reading Jessica from Oh The Joys and Izzy Mom a very very very long time ago. In blog years, of course.

So, also – who have you been reading a long, long time?

And happy November!

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  1. thelittlebig

    I honestly can’t remember how I found people. Flickr, maybe? I’ve been reading blogs so long that I can’t remember how it started. I’ve been reading Sweet Juniper since Juney was wee.

    I guess I’ll go with Flickr. I found a lot of people through flickr.

  2. Ginger

    Oh man, the myriad ways I’ve found blogs.

    Well, Dooce I found through work (research for a marketing campaign, blah blah) years ago. That’s the only one I remember for sure.
    Everyone else I’ve found through blogrolls, comments, or things like Nablopomo or other communities like that.

    Now it’s mostly Twitter that I find new peeps.

  3. Nat

    Hmmmm… the Ottawa-based bloggers I found me. And I’ve met most of them in person. Kindred spirits as it were.

    I am click through from comments kind of girl. I think… follow one which leads to another…

  4. Fruitlady

    Well you I found on the NaBloPoMo Ning a few years ago…2007?? I’ve been reading Chookooloonks for forever. I find her the old fashioned way, through reading other peoples blog rolls. Kiwifruit I found through the 100 Things web ring (do they still have those anymore??). Sweet Salty I’ve been reading a long time and I have no idea how I found her. Hmmm. I can’t imagine life without the blogs I read anymore…

  5. Cheeky_girl

    I was getting ready to go to SXSW 2006 and I was reading about all the panels and discussions that were happening. I started researching and found the most humors and offensive blog called I just fell in love with Heather B. Armstrong personality and style. Faithful reader ever since!

  6. Meghann

    We knew each other before either of us was really blogging, from the November ’02 birth board. (Although I wasn’t there from the the very beginning, I came on a little later, after the kids had all been born.)

    I started reading the Bloggess after seeing the video she did about breakfasts for some Tropicana campaign.

    And Mir from Woulda Coulda Shoulda, I found way back in the day, when blogrolls were such a big deal. I saw her on either Finslippy or breed ’em and weep’s blogroll, and was hooked. I think out of all the blogs I follow, she’s the one I’ve been reading the longest.

  7. zenrain

    i found you 22 years ago! 🙂 all the others started from blogs i looked at from yours…

  8. monstergirlee

    ha! You know all about me and my reading. I’ve been you since forever. Also Angella at Dutch Blitz, and Ali at Cheaper Than Therapy, Christine at Sometimes Holland Feels like Hell. All from the Nov ’02 baby board, Mehgan at Midget Invasion too.
    Basically I found the rest by clicking on interesting comments, liking what I find and adding them to my reader.

  9. monstergirlee

    oops! I mean I’ve been READING you since forever.
    Hey – another comment.

  10. monstergirlee

    Then when I finally started on twitter I’ve found tons of people there too.

  11. 3jaysmom

    I got to your blog through my son… (tuttletree). I love your blog! My day is not the same without it!

  12. Meghann

    Hey monstergirlie- M-e-g-h-a-n-n. 😛

    Yes it’s a funkily spelled name, but it’s a literary reference! 😀

    (Another comment for me too!)

  13. monstergirlee

    Its a beautiful day here in the pacific NW, and the sun is actually out. Trying to convince my girl to go for a walk to the coffee shop. Its not raining! We must get out!

  14. monstergirlee

    Good grief, Meghann – I’m sorry.
    i get all pissy when people mis-spell my last name, because everyone always does it. grrr…

    Sorry Hon. I just told my computer to learn to spell it that way, now if I spell it wrong it’ll tell me.

  15. Meghann

    Charlotte-it’s ok. I was giving you a hard time. Although growing up with an oddly spelled name, you can see why I named all my kids super normal stuff. Lol!

    (And wait-does this mean every time you go to spell the name Megan/Meghann/Meghann at all it will tell you to spell it my way? I feel powerful.)

  16. zipper

    I can’t remember how I found you! But it’s been a while. I don’t read many blogs, just have no time!

  17. Paige

    Not sure how I originally landed here, but glad I did!

  18. Sarah

    I just remember stumbling through the internet when I first started blogging. I found Lotus, Jennifer (Playgroupie) and Sandy (Momisodes…oh, how I miss her) and they were among my first. Through one of them, (pretty sure it was Lotus) I found Mishi…and then I just kept clicking through comments and blogrolls and found the base. But I don’t remember how I got to them, just a search for ‘mom blogs’ I think *lol*

  19. Wenderina

    I got into blogging when a friend yanked me into it. I thought it wouldn’t last, but I’m on Year 3. I’m all about following the followers. It’s that 6 degrees of separation method I guess. NaBloPoMo was also a big winner at the start and of course…comment on my blog once, and you had me at hello.

  20. Sizzle

    I have no recollection how I found most of my favorite bloggers. Like how did we “meet”? No memory of it! But certainly glad we did. 🙂

  21. monstergirlee

    Twitter is a lovely place to find new blogs to read.

  22. Chelsea

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Chelsea

    I found Greeblemonkey through Tracey Clark’s blog.

  24. Chelsea

    Most of the blogs I follow I find through Flickr…when I browse through photos and see photos I like, I will see if they have a blog. I also follow the blogs shuttersisters and mortal muses, and sometimes I will check out the blogs of other people who comment.

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