October Greeblepix Winner!

Wow, you guys did a lot of voting this month. I’ll use my favorite overused word again: awesome!

And here is the awesome winner:

Big congrats to Meg Tea and Brie!

I loved all the photos, but – this one was just fantastic and clearly you agreed with me. The depth of field is spot on with the subject and content and the soft processing is absolutely perfect. Love love love this! Seriously, go look at Meg’s Flickrstream – she is amazing.

Meg, email me at aimee @ greeblemonkey dot com to claim your $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental. (And speaking of, THANKS AGAIN to the folks there for supporting this contest. I appreciate it so much!)


In other photography related news, next week I will be participating in the 100 Conversations in 100 Days project over at The Motherhood. (An awesome community web site for moms. Seriously, check it out.) Join me, Amie Adams, Tracey Clark and Angie Warren as we chat online about photography on Wednesday 10/28 at 1pm Eastern live. More details (and exact URL) forthcoming, but mark your calendars!)


One more photo note – I finally updated my personal photo site. It’s still pretty elemental since I have – you know – a full-time job and all, but at least I actually have some updated galleries now and all that jazz. (OK, fine, they are imported Flickr slideshows, so what? Can’t blame a girl for using the technology that is sitting right in front of her, right???) Check it out and let me know what you think! aimeegiesephoto.com


OK, let’s get back to congratulating Meg! Woo hoo!
Thanks again to everyone who participated this month!

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  1. Jim Halligan

    congrats & great shot meg! after all, cupcakes DO trump all 🙂

  2. Debbie E

    Congrats Meg!!

  3. meg

    This is such a pleasant surprise! All those shots were amazing this month and I was honored to be even considered a finalist with such a great group of photographers.

    Thank you all so much. I admit, I’m blushing a little 🙂 I’ll use the rental well! I promise!

  4. vanessa

    such a fantastic photo! well deserved!!

  5. Sal

    congrats meg!!
    stunning photostream!

  6. Kim Hosey

    Congratulations! That is truly a wonderful photo.

  7. cutecute

    wow. congratulation, Meg. you did a fantastic job here.

  8. ZDub

    What a great shot!

  9. Anonymous

    Congratulations!! I was pleased to be able to go to your photos and enjoy each one over morning coffee. Thanks! You have a talent that you’re obviously not wasting! Sincerely, Carol

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