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Vinyl Theatre in Concert, Denver

Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket Concert Photos

There have been a lot of great double-header shows coming through Denver lately. Vinyl Theatre and Finish Ticket were at the Bluebird for a sold out show that pretty much made the street shake.

Finish Ticket

I have photographed Finish Ticket before, at the Higher Ground Music Festival in 2014, and they were even better the second time around. Their new single "Color," is picking up steam but the previous album Tears You Apart is a killer listen as well. Added to the fun tunes is a GREAT live show. Lead singer Brendan Hoye is expressive and all over the stage, which frankly makes is hard for me to catch the other members of the band. (i.e. I promise I am not obsessed with him, as most of the shots are of him). Finish Ticket has several more tour dates this summer, including Bonnaroo - so be sure to check them out. Finish Ticket - Bluebird Theater, Denver
Firefly Music Festival Nokia Lumia

Firefly Music Festival with Nokia, MixRadio & The Foo Fighters

Note: Nokia provided travel to Firefly Music Festival but all words and photos are mine.
Have you heard of Firefly? I grew up near Annapolis, but this music festival in Delaware had started well after I moved to Colorado. My friends from Nokia Lumia asked me to join them there, allowed me to invite Monika, and introduced me to more of their friends while we all proceeded to try out glamping. No typo there. Glamping. Meaning a fancier version of camping, which suited Monika and me just fine.

Best Songs of 2013

Note: This post is not sponsored or linked to sales sites in any way.  All year long, I have been adding to my favorite songs of 2013 playlist, and it ended up being triple the size of last year's list - over 160 songs total. I love indie and alternative the most, but pop, rock, R&B, soul, funk - you name it - everything is represented. What a great year for music, with a nice Christmas surprise from Beyoncé. (Seriously - watch the videos. They are masterpieces.) I have had a tremendous time photographing bands, and listening to new tunes. Who says the music industry is dead? It is just getting started.
U2 Concert Photos Denver via

U2 Concert Photos and That Time I Met Bono

I often feel like a fangirl when I write about bands that I have photographed, but when it comes to U2, there is no doubt. FAN. GIRL. ALL. CAPS. I know it's the in-vogue thing to dog them right now. But to the haters, I…

Denver Botanic Gardens – Fall & Winter Events 2013

I have always been a huge fan of our Denver Botanic Gardens. I often go there on "photo walks" with Dex, and I just photographed a wedding there last weekend. If you haven't been since their renovation, I suggest you head over - it's better…
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