Pocketful of Sunshine

So, Bryan was having a really crappy day the other day. Maybe you saw his tweets? Clearly Declan knows how to cheer us up. This is what he made for Bryan to lift the mood around the Greeblemonkey household. It’s a pocket folder (seriously) with all Bryan’s favorite things drawn on front – and Bryan is supposed to put all the bad things from his day inside to get rid of them.

I love that kid.

(click image to see larger version)

Speaking of substance abuse, I have a not-as-uplifting post up over at Mile High Mamas today! Hooray!


AND! ONE LAST THING! Was the Greeblepix Contest riddled with technical difficulties this month or WHAT? First Mr. Linky was not working for some people (sorry), then it went down altogether and I couldn’t grab the finalists links (fixed) and then the poll stopped working in the middle of the night (also fixed). Sheesh. Thank goodness you all are so kind and patient or I would have to go double up on my Lexapro.

My point? If you haven’t voted already: GO VOTE FOR THE GREEBLEPIX CONTEST, PLEASE!

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  1. Anonymous

    that is so cute!!!

  2. SuburbanGypsy

    What a sweet lil guy! Smart! Love his Salid, salid is one of my favorite things too 🙂

  3. zipper


  4. Megan

    That kid is awesome!

  5. Jody (milehighmommy)

    What an awesome little boy you have! Wise beyond his years! As for your other post at MHM, this little gift is proof-positive that you are doing everything right as a mother!
    Here’s to a day full of sunshine!!

  6. Rhiannon

    He is such a doll.

  7. Dr. Cason

    I was crying the other day and my oldest decided to say a prayer and used a bit of the one she says for grace…

    “Come lord Jesus be our guest…and make our mommy not be sad.”

    I laughed. It worked.

  8. Rebecca F.

    Aw. I love salid too but I especially liked that D also drew a picture of you on there. It is so reassuring to a child to know that his parents like and love each other.

  9. shari

    i’m in love with the cursive writing. 🙂

    strabalies cheer me up, too.

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