Scavenger Hunts & Hanging Ten

It’s Bryan’s birthday! It’s Bryan’s birthday!

And remember how I hate to wrap presents? Well, we have instituted a new rule at the Greeblemonkey house. I won’t torture you with my wrapping skills but – instead – I hide your presents all over the house and give you clues to find them.

THEN, I get to use my saucy rhyming expertise with witty little tip-offs like: “Three things to cover your toosh are rolled in a smoosh!” Which were the three pairs of pants I got him to cover his huge eclair.

I also hoped that the “zombiiiiesss don’t eat your keyyyyyyssss!” Which was the book that Rude Cactus recommended for him, World War Z. It’s supposed to be awesome… and seeing as Bryan did a whole 20 page paper on the Dawn of the Dead series in college, I figured even if it sucks – it’s about zombies, right? (I ain’t lyin’. Twenty pages.)

But my favorite gift was Bryan’s R-I-P-S-T-I-C-K! It’s just fun to say. RIPSTICK! Basically, Bryan has been hemming and hawing over maybe, sort of, kinda wanting a skateboard – but I saw this thing and well, it’s too fricking COOL! And dorky! Dorky cool! Just like Bryan!

It is a mix of a skateboard, surfboard and snowboard. And since Bryan snowboards (OK, post-Declan, once in a while, he snowboards), I figured he had a leg up on trying this thing out.

And if not, at least he can use it to fend off zombie attacks.

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. I love you, darlin!

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  1. g-man


    I saw one of those when we were at the beach, some kid was tearing up the boardwalk. I though it was very clever. I don’t have the balance for anything like that. I hope Bryan likes it. (and it doesn’t kill him)

  2. chloebear

    What a cool way to get gifts – and no wasting of $$ on wrapping paper! Way to go green too!
    Bryan and CO. can come over and use the skateboard park in the neighborhood – OOhh what fun!

  3. monstergirlee

    Happy Birthday Brian – enjoy your new board – those things look awesome – totally rad dude! yeah.

  4. Sizzle

    i love the scavenger hunt idea!

    happy birthday to him!!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Bryan! Hope you have a fun weekend.

    ** I like your wrapping gifts rule Aimee!

    Diane C.

  6. Sue at nobaddays

    Happy birthday, Bryan.

  7. Anonymous

    Happy birthday Bryan!

  8. Nancy

    Happy Birthday, Bryan. We love you. Nancy & Bill
    P.S. It is also my friend Bev’s birthday today. Too bad you live so far away, I took her filet mignon and all the fixings. I will do that for you next time you are in Casper.

  9. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Bryan…Good luck riding that thing. Hope you have good insurance!!!

    -Steve Carroll

  10. zenrain

    happy birthday 🙂

  11. nutmeg

    Happy Birthday, Bryan. Make Aimee give you more than just the 10:30 giggles tonight!

  12. Bryan

    Thanks all!

  13. merrymishaps

    I sent my now-husband on a scavenger hunt through his college apartment to find an Easter basket. There was a whole string of clues first 🙂

    They had that Ripstick thing on the news today … Hope he does well on it!

  14. Christina

    Happy birthday! Aaron has World War Z and he liked it a lot. Of course, he loves all things zombie.

  15. samantha Jo Campen

    Happy Birthday to your Bryan! Yeah!!!

  16. Melissa

    Scavenger hunts are way better than gift-wrapping, for sure!

    Besides, where are you going to find a giftbag that big??!??!

    Happy birthday to Brian!

  17. painted maypole

    wow, my husband would kill himself on that thing! I would think the entertainment value for yourself in watching him ride it would be worth whatever you paid for it, and then some. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have laughed a bunch here (particularly over the first eclaire reference in previous post!)

  18. joansy

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Doodaddy

    Happy Birthday!

    Any chance you’d scan and post that paper? 🙂

  20. Anonymous

    Hope you had a great day, Bryan! Love the treasure hunt idea.

  21. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Merry, please tell me it wasn’t on the news for all the trips to the ER? 😉

  22. laurie

    How fun! And happy birthday!

  23. carrie

    My oldest is dying for one of those boards!

    Happy Birthday to your man!


  24. sue

    I’m so late! Happy Birthday! What a cool idea… the scavenger hunt. I’ll have to remember that. 🙂

  25. Tree

    Happy Birthday, Bryan!!!!

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