Seal Concert Photos - Denver's Hudson Gardens

Seal at Hudson Gardens

Sometimes it blows me away who I get to photograph. Such was the case this week with Seal. Yes, that Seal. The one with the hypnotic voice, and as I now know, a voice that sounds almost better live than it does recorded. I took way too many photos of his show at Hudson Gardens, but seeing as the place was absolutely packed, I am guessing his fans won’t mind my overindulgence.

We’ve had a rollercoaster summer of insane weather in Denver, and Seal’s show was no different. Just as he walked out into the crowd to serenade us, the skies opened up. (Nobody cared.)

Seal covered all the old faves and included new music from a forthcoming album. He talked about how he doesn’t even know what an “album” is anymore – but the point was, he enjoys sharing new music as he tours because fans can experience it for the first time in an intimate way.

And intimate the show was. It was pretty much like going to church. Always lovely to hear some positivity in these troubled times. Especially when the words are accompanied by someone who sounds like an angel.

Seal heads to South America in the Fall but let’s hope that new music brings him back to Denver soon.

Seal Photos from Denver’s Hudson Gardens

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