Claire Heywood - Lost Lake - Denver Concert Photos

Claire Heywood at Lost Lake

I am not sure how I came across Claire Heywood’s music – probably via Indie 102.3 – but I have been stalking her for quite a while. Her voice is deep and powerful, yet somehow still feels very gentle. I had never seen her live, even though we tried to work it out several times. We fixed that at Lost Lake recently, and somehow I had forgotten my pal Wes Barton from AMZY plays drums for her, so that was a bonus for the night.

Claire is a mellow and quiet performer, but again, that power in her voice and songs comes through during the whole show. It’s almost like she doesn’t understand how wonderful her songs are, yet she exudes that confidence of an old soul. Her new single, “Crushed Lemons,” is the kind of song you can play on repeat and never get tired of it.

Don’t be like me and keep missing this gem. I’ll be first in line for her 2022 shows.

Photos of Claire Heywood

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