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Sleeping With Sirens & Set It Off at Summit Denver

What a great way to start off 2020! Sleeping With Sirens and Set It Off at Summit Music Hall set the perfect tone for another excellent year ahead. Sleeping With Sirens was formed in 2009 from members of For All We Know and Paddock Park, and have released six albums since. How It Feels to Be Lost came out in 2019, but good news for us, the band is touring with it through the spring.

Summit was full very early, so Set It Off had lots of hands to hold lead singer Cody Carson in the air as he walked out on top of the crowd. In fact, both bands had tons of interaction with fans, including a very young lady who managed to make it on stage twice. Or was that Sirens lead singer Kellin Quinn’s daughter? Either way, her awe was pretty damn adorable.

Kellin is well-known for his vocal range, but it was extra-entertaining to watch him completely dominate the stage. Well … truth be told, all band members were back and forth and all over the stage, all night.

Thanks for a terrific launch into the new decade, guys!

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Sleeping With Sirens

Set It Off

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