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Solving an Interactive Puzzah in Denver!

I noticed some fun photos on social media one day: my friends Danny and Christy were somewhere in downtown Denver, solving a puzzle, figuring out a crime. I knew immediately we had to check it out! Come to find out they were at a new interactive puzzle-solving place called Puzzah! on Blake Street in LoDo. I was thrilled when my family was asked to work on “Tick Tock” – the case of a murderous melody maker gone awry. I can’t tell you all the details of the crime or the clues (it’s a SECRET!), but I can tell you that Bryan, Dex and I were locked in a room for 60 minutes trying to stop a “bomb” from going off in the Denver Performing Arts Center. Frankly, I can’t believe we managed to do it – it was really hard!

puzzah_greeblehausIt also was really fun. I loved how we all had to work together, and oddly enough, each of us figured out different parts of the clues. The staff made us feel right at home and we all laughed together afterwards at our blunders and triumphs. Dex is nearly a teenager, and he kept asking on the way over there, “Now WHAT are we doing again??”


Now he keeps asking when we can go back.

Note: Our experience was provided by Puzzah but all words are mine.

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  1. Amy Evans

    This sounds really fun – will mention it to my crew!

  2. Kate Majers

    how cool! I wish we had one of these.

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