T-Minus One Week

January 17th. The date that I become a couch potato again. The date that the new season of American Idol premieres.

I am not entirely sure how I got hooked on this show. Come to think about it, I really should blame my pal Stacie. She and I have traded cruel barbs about the contestants since Season 2 (I, sadly, missed the entire first season because I was busy being snooty about reality shows).

So get ready. I am sure I will post my cruel (and on-target, if I do say so myself) comments here on a weekly basis.

Have I mentioned they held tryouts in Denver this time around? I wonder how many times Simon will refer to Denverites as “cowpoke.” I wonder if I will see anyone I know!

Although, in all honesty, I really do not prefer the first few weeks of any AI season. You know, the ones that are a trainwreck of bad bad and beyond bad people. Well, OK, William Hung and that Crazy Mary chick were pretty entertaining. But I will pull out my “I am above reality shows” Snooty Hat and say that I think what I really enjoy about AI is the competition by using your talent (as opposed to: “Can this stockbroker make guano and beet root burst into flames before the gorgeous half-dressed model throws a hissy fit?”)

OK, OK, so I enjoy the hissy fits on Idol too. Sue me.

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