Ian Mahan - Denver Concert Photos

Singer/Songwriter Ian Mahan at Lost Lake Denver

I have seen Ian Mahan perform live a few times but hadn't had a chance to photograph him until his show last week at Lost Lake Lounge. Ian recently released a new single, "Breakaway," but was also pretty prolific in 2017 with two EPs. He writes some great songs, but is also fun to see live. It's usually a stripped down concert, which IMO shows off his songs best. Although he's the kind of songwriter that it would be cool to see a full orchestra behind him too. (Maybe later in 2018???) Either way, keep an eye on Ian Mahan and get out to see him when you can. Ian Mahan Photos - Denver Singer Songwriter
Sara Watkins and River Whyless concert photos from Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado

Sara Watkins & River Whyless at Larimer Lounge

Sara Watkins was (and is) an original member of the band Nickel Creek, but has released several solo albums over the years. Her latest, Young In All The Wrong Ways, really touched me and I listened to it on repeat many a day last year.…
Judy Collins - 2016 Interview

Judy Collins Interview (Yes, THAT Judy Collins!)

I was born in 1970, which means the music of Judy Collins was woven into the fabric of my childhood. When I was asked to interview her, I was honored and humbled. This incredible singer continues to make magic and will be appearing at Boettcher…
Lissie Concert Photos from Bluebird Denver

Lissie Concert Photos From Bluebird Denver

I have a thing for female singers. I have loved Lissie since her most pop single "When I'm Alone" through the new album My Wild West. She is one of those voices that recording just doesn't quite capture, so I also love seeing her live. From…
The band Chairlift - Concert Photos from Denver

The Band Chairlift at Denver’s Gothic Theater

Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, otherwise known as American pop-duo Chairlift, visited the Gothic Theater recently and left a huge impression. Their most recognizable song, "Bruises," is the kind of song that forces you bounce up and down while listening, but many of their songs have…
Rachel Platten Concert Photos

Rachel Platten, Eric Hutchinson and Hunter Hunted

I love people who work hard. Listening to Rachel Platten talk about her journey, it's clear she has pushed very hard to get where she is. Her third studio album Wildfire is her first major label release, and also a major smash. Live in concert,…
The Suffers - Concert Photos Denver

The Suffers at Fillmore Auditorium Denver

It's funny how you discover bands sometimes. I first saw The Suffers play their song "Peanuts" on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and fell in love. What's even "funnier" is when all their other songs are even more amazing than the single (example: "Make Some…