That huge welt on my wrist is…

A Ganglion Cyst. I know, ewww.

It’s a hard lump just below my wrist line on the underside of my arm – about the size of a peach pit. I saw an orthopedic hand specialist yesterday and after x-rays that revealed I apparently sprained my wrist as a child and don’t remember it (neither does my Mom)… he said with absolute certainty that it was a ganglion cyst and not a tumor. Always good news.

He also said these types of cysts are informally called “Bible Cysts” because people used to smack them with heavy books to get them to explode and dissipate. Lucky for me they no longer do that.

Unlucky for me, my cyst is in the underside of my wrist, because he can’t aspirate it like he would if it were on the top of my hand. Apparently it’s all wrapped up with a main artery – and no need to go fucking with a main artery, right? So the only alternative to just “waiting and seeing if it goes away on it’s own” is… surgery.

I opted for “waiting and seeing.”

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