Thatta Boy!

Bryan had a good night’s sleep last night. Finally. It’s a miracle. Unfortunately, he had to sleep in the guest bedroom downstairs to do it.

I have been having a few night terrors again this week – just a few of them, but they have been whoppers. January is my night terror witching month for some reason. And Declan has been waking up a bit as he gets over his cold too. Bryan was to the point of falling asleep while brushing his teeth, he was so tired.

I always used to think it was so stupid when married couples slept in different beds. Like, if you can’t stand each other so much, get a divorce already. It never occured to me that one of the couple might be screaming her head off all night long, causing a teensy weensy problem in the sleeping patterns of the other. And that sleeping apart (to actually be able to get some sleep) could make everyone happier during the day… you know, the time when we all actually interact with each other.

Not that Bryan sleeping in the guest room is in any way a permanent thing, he’ll be back cuddling with me in the Sleep Number Bed really really really soon, I am sure. Once he turns back into a normal human being, that is.

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