James is a fantastic example of the MDA campaign "Live Unlimited."

James Makes Me Want To Live Unlimited

About 13 years ago, this guy came into my company for an interview. He was a programmer, and clearly very talented. At the time, I thought he was all-business and all about the code. Totally perfect for the job, so we hired him.

James just happened to have muscular dystrophy and be in a wheelchair.

Turned out we hired one of the funniest people I have ever met and someone who has become our friend for life. We now know his whole family and we still see him regularly even though I left the company I co-founded over five years ago.

When the Muscular Dystrophy Association asked me if I knew anyone who lives their life limitlessly that I could honor with a post, of course, I thought of James.

James makes me want to #LiveUnlimited. A shining example of a person enjoying life while dealing with muscular dystrophy.

Live Unlimited

Here is a person who has been struggling with this disease almost all his life, but still manages to convince the whole office to dress up for Talk Like A Pirate Day. To be a world-class programmer. To take acting classes. To play in a band. To collect watches and fancy pens and casino chips and every single tech device you can imagine.

I can’t even list all the things he is interested in because I can’t remember them all because there are so many things.

I’ve watched my friend struggle physically yet still relish how much faster he can get places in his chair than us walking. He also lets me hang my bags on the back of that chair when we go shopping!

He is a 100% “glass is full” person with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit.

James makes me remember that we all have limitations in life, but it’s what we do beyond them that matters.

Endorphin Warrior now has “Live Unlimited” bracelets for sale, where $6 from each goes to the MDA. There are also t-shirts directly from the MDA.

Endorphin Warrior Live Unlimited bracelets for the MDA

Please help me in sharing this cool way to make a fashion statement *and* raise money for a great cause.

Who inspires you to be better? How can we all #LiveUnlimited?

All our love to James and everyone affected with muscular dystrophy. <3

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  1. Christine Koh

    Thank you so much for sharing Aimee. James sounds like a totally kick ass co-worker!

  2. Christina

    I’ve loved hearing you talk about James for years. Sounds like a class act dude and great friend.

  3. Ben Dearfiend

    Great post! James sounds awesome, and I live the idea of Live Unlimited.

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