The Incredible Hulk

It’s summer, right? Which means I pack absolutely as MUCH as I can into every single day and never sleep. It also means summer blockbusters, so: Summer + Aimee + Overextention + Movies = Dinner/Date Night/Incredible Hulk.

Let me just say this. Edward Norton is one of my MOST favorite actors, which is the main reason I wanted to see the Hulk. That, and Get Smart doesn’t come out till next week. The fact that Bryan is all into 3D animation is the reason he wanted to see it. Neither disappointed.

Ed Norton was so so so so so much better at Bruce Banner than Eric Bana. Sooooo. Honestly, I have yet to see a movie where I thought Eric Bana could act himself out of a paper bag – but admittedly, I have not seen Munich, which I mainly avoided because it had Eric Bana in it.

And the CGI Hulk was rockin’. Smokin’ rockin’.

So William Hurt was cartoonish?

And Liv Tyler? Um, literally the worse actress ever. Here is Bryan’s impression of her role as Betty Ross:

Basically, we enjoyed it. It is what it is, right? A fun summer bang ’em up movie. WITH EDWARD NORTON IN IT.


And while we are talking movies, head over to my Mile High Mamas post for the day and give me some advice on my kid, who can’t handle anything past Curious George!

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha! So true about Liv Tyler!

  2. mommypie

    BAHAHA! I haven’t seen the movie, but you NAILED the Liv Tyler impression.

    Thanks so much for stopping by this weekend — let’s do it again, mkay?

    Love your blog!

  3. Tree

    Edward Norton is amazing. I love the man and I agree the Eric Bana is oh so wooden. LMAO about Liv Tyler.

  4. drop dead chris

    I still haven’t seen the HULK but I am very excited about GET SMART. I am a huge fan of the tv show. I feel like a giddy little school girl because of this movie….. god help me next friday!

  5. Megan

    We enjoyed it too. Certainly not going to win any Oscars, but who cares?

  6. Mary Beth

    Oh cool – I really want to see The Hulk BECAUSE of Edward Norton but was a little leery because the last one was so god-awful! But am glad to see that someone real (not a reviewer) has seen it.

  7. Eric Bana Fan Club

    Eric Bana is great in Munich and was really good recently in Romulus, My Father (depression-era Australian film, a bit bleak, but well acted).

    I haven’t seen either of the Hulk movies but I love Ed Norton so maybe I’ll go see this one. Have you seen him in Keeping The Faith? So sweet.

  8. Amy

    Oh man, I kinda like Liv Tyler…that must be the LOTR junkie in me coming out. I thought she was brilliantly cast and did a great job. Haven’t really seen much else of her stuff though except Stealing Beauty. But I think I would like to hang out with her in real life whereas some actresses no matter how good I couldn’t dream of it. Also, I think I took a chatty pill today because I can shut up!! :-)and my word verication code below is “zunkl” like a “monkey zunkl”…

  9. Katie

    Mmmmmmmmmmm Ed Norton who I stalked during the filming of that movie here in Toronto. But natch, never found him.

    I had issues with Eric in the first one because he is just so bland. The husband and I argued that one out (he liked him) because he thought the casting supposedly emphasized the difference between Bruce and the Hulk. Whatever! I’m itchin’ to see The Hulk and must do it ASAP.

  10. patrick

    this new Incredible Hulk is a lot more fun than the first one with Eric Bana; Ed Norton does his usual specialty — the “split personality” role…

  11. Marley

    oh totally!!!! Liv Tyler exactly!!!

  12. Tootsie Farklepants

    We saw Kung Fu Panda. I laughed my ass off. Jack Black is the funny.

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