The Office Game

I have been asked to add a massive disclaimer at the beginning of this post. Because, while very few people from my office actually read this blog, every single one of them is aware of it. And unbeknownst to them, there has been a game going on between my husband, Bryan aka BugFrog, and James, aka JaggedPen, for quite some time now. A game that doesn’t take much time, a game that hurts no one, a game that is uproariously funny – and yet *could* be construed as disrespectful if taken the wrong way. My point? DON’T TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY.

Basically, the guys make every attempt (within the confines of safety and the reality of three-dimensional space) to photograph themselves with any and all repairmen that enter the office. Simple as that. Well, no, not really. If they are *seen* by said repairmen taking said photographs? Game over. So they need to be sneaky deaky.

Here is a sampling of their shots over the past 6 months. My favorite is the last one where James makes it in the photo by a nose. Get it??? BY A NOSE! I kill me.

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  1. Anonymous

    that is AWESOME./

  2. followthatdog

    Whatever keeps them happy. Harmless yet oh so odd. I love it.

  3. James

    Only the nose knows.

  4. MB

    I cracked up!

    A team of us used to do this at weekly meetings. We had to do a certain hand sign (that we had decided on before the meeting) and only earned points if the boss didn’t notice when we threw it. Lots of uncontrollable giggling.

  5. zipper

    I would RULE at that game.

  6. monstergirlee

    You guys kill me!

  7. Sarah

    Boys are silly.

  8. Mr Lady

    That is the funniest game I have ever heard of! Really, if I can work in your office, I’ll move back. PROMISE.

  9. Rebecca F.


  10. KiniWoman

    That is awesome!!! Lots of giggling here now and the wheels are turning to do something similar!

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