Their First Word?

I have mentioned age 7 has put us into completely new territory with Declan. New levels of maturity. As in, we can play board games and not only does he GET IT, he KICKS. OUR. ASS.

Which is making me nostalgic for when he was a baby. Hell, even *Declan* is getting nostalgic for when he was a baby. Thus, there has been lots of swapping stories lately, stories from when he was leetle little.

I was thinking back the other day, and remembering that Declan’s first word was actually, “hi.” I know, ADORABLE, right??? People at the time told me it was an indication of how friendly he would be.

This weekend at the Chicks Who Click Denver conference (which was awesome, by the way), Melanie Mills talked about personality styles, and had us pick our favorite shape, and surprise surprise, our traits matched up with what shape we chose. Later, my husband, who is as silly and outgoing as they come, picked the squiggle shape – just like I thought he would.

Declan? I guessed he was a squiggle, since he is so much like his dad – or possibly a circle because circles are really inclusive – and any kid whose first word was *HI* has to be inclusive, right???


“Mama! I can’t pick a shape because my favorite shape isn’t even on here! MY favorite shape is a RHOMBUS.”

Ohh. Kayyy.

We’re in for a wild ride, folks.

What was your kid(s) first word(s)?

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  1. Anonymous

    “ma” – does that count? -m

  2. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kim – oh my HILARIOUS!!!

  3. Meghann

    Lindsay-duck (I think, I should go look it up to be sure.)
    Logan-fish (said at Sea World, and we actually caught it on tape!
    Hannah-NO. (which has turned out to be very telling indeed.)

  4. LemonySarah

    My son’s first word was “bird”. My daughter? Not sure, she had speech problems. One thing is certain, she used the word “ba-ba” a LOT, usually for her two favorite objects “bottle” and “blanket”.

  5. outsidevoice

    Leah’s was “HiDucks!” Seriously. Benjamin’s was also “HI!” But much more screamy.

  6. danalstone

    Ha! I totally suck because I can’t remember my little one’s first word. But, our current fav word she says for cracker is “frucker.” Believe me, it’s super hard to keep a straight face when she asked for a frucker.

  7. zipper

    That is hilarious. He is such a funny kid.

  8. Melanie MIlls

    LOL…this is fantastic!!! And a nice giggle before sleep. Thanks for sending it on.

  9. samantha

    Theo’s first word was “light” quickly followedd by “HI!”

    A rhombus eh? NIIIICE!


  10. Kim Hosey

    First word? “Mom.” (Aww.)

    Second word? “Cwap.” (As in “Crap,” and applied appropriately. Yeah. So proud.)

  11. Kim Hosey

    It was when he was riding in those Flintstones-car type type plastic things, and he’d fallen out the bottom and become stuck. Total toddler voice: “Oh CWAP!” Still a favorite family story.

  12. Nini

    So cute! Bug’s first word was ‘hi’ also! He’s 8 now. What I can’t get over is that he’s actually funny now. On purpose. AND he gets my sarcasm. Woohoo!

  13. The Casual Perfectionist

    Claire said “hi” really early on, too. I think her first official word was “Momma.” She’s always been very verbal, and she was saying sentences by 17-months.

    It’s funny you mention “Rhombus,” because they are talking about that shape in her preschool class! I don’t hear that word for years, and all of a sudden it’s everywhere… 😉

  14. Nat


    Sad… I’m not sure. Probably Ma… or Da.

  15. EatPlayLove

    I felt really disappointed when the girls grew out of saying their own versions of words. Like “crella” for crayon or “pee-ah-ah” for pizza. I still sometimes say their baby versions when I am feeling nostalgic.

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    These are all so adorable! And glad Dex wasn’t alone with HI!

  17. Editdebs

    My son’s first word was “ball,” and it has been a sports life for us ever since. He is now 15 and still a sports fiend.

  18. Emily

    My older son’s first word was “balloon” and obviously we thought he was a genius for saying a 2-syllable word! My younger son’s first word was car, I think. Poor second child–I can’t remember any of his milestones!

  19. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    They both said “Dada” then “hi” then “Kitty”.

    First sentences “Hello, kitty.”

    Mama came WAY later.

    Jerks. They had no need to say my name. I was always there. The subject was assumed.

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