Things I Hate

Since it has been a cranky week, and my pal Melissa started a trend… I am gonna list all the things I hate. In no particular order:

– Feeling nauseous
– People who are close-minded
– If I am being honest… People who are stupid (and thus I negate my own non-close-minded thing)
– Cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco
– People who flick cigarettes out of a car
– Itty bitty bimbo girls… especially teenage ones
– Microsoft Windows
– Bad customer service
– The Indianapolis Colts
– Three Bean Salad
– Seinfeld
– Religious zealots
– Suburban white boys trying to be all “gangsta”
– When people do not turn on their headlights in rain or snow
– Madonna’s new weird accent
– Running (sorry, Teresa)
– January
– When people leave pee-pee drips on public toilets
– Camouflage clothing
– Wal-Mart
– Movie title logos that do not match the design of the trailer
– Telemarketers
– Little old ladies who have huge-ass SUVs to go to the grocery store in
– Homophobes
– Acne
– Not being able to conquer the pottery wheel
– People who are passive aggressive
– When the water turns cold mid-shower
– George W. Bush
– When message board posters use 3,000 blinkies in their signature
– Brainfreeze
– Emails that are so obviously urban legends, yet still get forwarded again and again
– Drama queens
– Country music
– TomKat
– People who cannot admit when they are wrong
– Greed
– Parents who bring small children to PG-13 movies
– When Declan whines
– When people put punctuation outside the quotes
– Patriotism to the point of blindness
– Spelling every other word incorrectly as I type
– When good bands turn into Neil Young – a la Pearl Jam
– Liars
– People who are in the fast lane, but go exactly the same speed of the guy next to them
– The Baltimore accent, hon
– When people do not call, write or even email thank you’s
– People who can’t see the big picture
– Menstrual cycles
– Spiders
– Hiccups
– Night terrors
– Port-o-potties
– Not enough time in the day

And finally… I will end with the one Melissa started with:
– Putting away laundry

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