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It has probably been since before my son was born (in 2002) that my husband and I saw any television shows with regularity. We like TV and movies, but since the advent of Netflix and then Hulu Plus, we watch everything at a later date. We blew through all six seasons of Lost like two years after the show closed down, in about three months time, via some very late nights. We never got into Mad Men or Breaking Bad, and don’t ever try the “remember that Seinfeld episode when…” thing – because, GASP, we don’t like him.

But there are three new shows this season that we love. We still don’t watch them “live” – as if there is such a thing as “live” in the Mountain time zone due to tape delay… but I have to say – having episodic TV we actually want to watch is, well, fun.


I grew up in the 80’s so I love James Spader from Pretty in Pink and Stargate, not The Practice or Boston Legal. His acting in this new show is off the charts. Like, Emmy, Golden Globe, Teen Choice and Babble Top Blogger awards all rolled in one. Blacklist can be a bit gory, so sometimes I have to cover my eyes… but… DAMN. Just… DAMN.


Get this! Bones can talk like not-Bones! If you haven’t caught this show, Karl Urban (from the Lord of the Rings and Star Trek movies) plays a cop in a future where technology has spun out of control and every detective has a robot partner. The relationship between these two is awesome, while their prediction of technology is dead-on from everything I have read. Eeks.


Clearly we like the creepy shows, so keep the kids out of the room for this one too. The production is quite lovely, given the different time periods they visit, and we love the mix of funny and scary and witchery. Nicole Beharie was great in the Jackie Robinson movie 42, while Tom Mison is nothing to sneeze at either.


I was fibbing a bit when I said we didn’t have a show we watched regularly. We bought the iTunes pass for Elementary last year after we found it late in the season. I have had a huge crush on Jonny Lee Miller since Hackers and Trainspotting… and Mansfield Park and Emma… and… and… Not to mention Lucy Liu is one of those people you just want to have a beer with, even though I am pretty sure she would only come up to about my hip. Either way, Jonny may have to share James Spader’s ball of awards; this show continues to be AWESOME.


What about you?
Which shows are your favorites?

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  1. zipper

    How can you not like Breaking Bad then???

  2. karen

    We have loved Elementary from the very first minute!

  3. Aimee Giese

    Oh man – rewatch Pretty In Pink – THE BEST!!!

  4. Aimee Giese

    And yes, Tom Mison. Dreamy. In wig or not. And other trivia – Lizzie Keane actress wears a wig too.

  5. Nat

    We have two favourites this year! The Blacklist… how much do I love James Spader in this. How much! It’s watch-it-twice good, and the little one liners. (I’d forgotten he was in Pretty in Pink.)

    Sleepy Hollow, I think I’m just smitten with Tom Mison(?) … I’d watch that guy type.

  6. everyfann

    SCANDAL! How can you not watch this?

  7. Sseverson

    Are you watching The Goldbergs? My kids and I laugh so hard… it is great and so far, family friendly. For us that means that the 10 year old, 14 and 15 year olds all watch it with adults and no one cringes at sex jokes.

  8. monstergirlee

    Elementary is one of two shows that Danny and I “watch” any more and I LOVE IT! We have no cable at this time so we watch through our computer.
    But, Blacklist sounds really intriguing, we may check it out.

    Oh, and we watch NCIS. It’s kind of cheesy but we’ve been watching it for years and do like it.
    Also, Supernatural. Which kind of takes a while to catch up on the whole story but it’s engrossing, and the current storyline is pretty cool.

  9. Anonymous

    Those four shows are my very favorites, too!

    Debbie A-H

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