Typical Colorado

8:45 am: Walk out of the house with boy in hand, admiring the blue sky, warm temperature and bright sunshine.

8:55 am: Arrive at daycare, walk from truck to front door and notice there is a slight breeze.

8:57 am: Sign son into daycare, walk out the playground where other kids are playing. Feel an increased wind that is swirling the leaves around.

9:01 am: Drop off lunch in son’s daycare room and look out the window see the sky is darkening.

9:04 am: Walk out of daycare and get blasted in the face by a hearty wind that kicks dirt up into my eyes. Hear the teachers corralling all the kids to come in off the playground.

9:10 am: Driving to work, turn onto the westward highway and nearly have the truck tipped over by the gale-force wind. Start to get pelted by rain.

9:17 am: Struggling to keep the truck straight on the highway. Rain turns to snow. Snow? Who said anything about snow?

9:22 am: Having trouble seeing the exit for work through all the snow and dark sky.

9:27 am: Arrive at work, walk at a 45 degree angle through the wind, get pelted with huge snowflakes the whole way. Face and hair is soaked.

9:30 am: Bitch and complain to coworkers about the weather and especially the fact that I only have a t-shirt and light spring jacket on. Not to mention, I wanted to get my car cleaned today.

9:33 am: Coworker points out the window. Sun is shining like the devil himself.

So maybe I can get my car cleaned after all.

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