Well, he was no Michael Hutchence…

…But we still had a lot of fun.

Marty and the Lovehammers opened up (he was the guy who came in 2nd place). LOUD LOUD LOUD. And very hard rock. I thought he was fun, even with his weird theatrics.

Then INXS came out. With a countdown like New Years Eve no less, LOL. Within the 1st song, you could tell there was something wrong with J.D.’s voice. It was a bit hoarse and not very strong. Lori said he sounded much better on the show. About 1/2 way through he mentioned the doctor told him he should not be out of bed… by the end of his show, his speaking voice was totally croaking. But, given that – I have to admit he held his singing voice pretty well. And he even did some interesting twists on old classics. Still, no comparison with Michael, IMO.

They did my 2 fave songs – Original Sin and What You Need… so I was really having fun then.

Definitely a thumb’s up for Girls Night Out Part II.

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