What Bryan Came Home To Tonight

Declan and I laid down on the bed after work to have a talk about his poor behavior lately and apparently I bored us both into an evening nap.

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  1. Anonymous

    you BORED him to sleep? ha ha!

  2. Meghann

    Everyone all together now: Awwww.

  3. Lotta

    Sometimes that’s just what the bad behavior needs. A good nap and a cuddle.

  4. joansy

    very cute.

  5. Karen


  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    KAREN!!! I see you reading, but I am so glad you commented! And you are blogging??? HOORAY!

    And thanks all.

  7. Tree

    Echoing Lotta – a good nap and cuddle may be just what Dex needed. And you, too.

  8. Amber

    Way to lay it on the line. Get it??? LAY? 🙂

  9. Amber

    Or “lie” but really, let’s not be picky here….

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I never know what is right. Should we have lied on the bead, laid on the bed or layed on the bed?

  11. monstergirlee


    Layed on the bed. (I think)

  12. Sue

    Nap and a cuddle does wonders. At least Bryan didn’t wait ’til you had a whole plant stuck to your head before he took the picture!

  13. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Monstergirlle – I had that first and I changed it – dangit!

    And Sue, LMAO!!! I loved the plant photo.

  14. Heather

    Looks to me like the appropriate solution to the behavior. My kids always wake up better behaved beings.

  15. sue


  16. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    Very sweet. Nice to have those moments.

    I love your son’s name! It was on our list of names for our son.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  17. soccer mom in denial

    Those are the yummy moments.

  18. Karen

    Yep, just started again. Don’t get much time these days with work, four kiddos, husband…. follow my link.

  19. nutmeg

    That looks like a little piece of heaven!

  20. Mrs. Wheezer

    You know, I think the need for a nap is at the root of 99% of all bad behavior…

  21. Gretchen

    When my kids are ‘horrible’ they either need sleep or food. Or both.

    Snuggle time is the best.

  22. TxGambit

    Way cute!!!!

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