When I woke up this morning, my grass was green.

Apparently that monster storm took a right turn and headed 100 miles south to New Mexico. You know what that means? CHICAGO, baby!

The Smurfs came through, man.

I head to the airport in about an hour and unless really cloudy skies hold a plane down, I should be having dinner at Nacional 27 with Jen, Jen, Stacie, Tami and Tisha this very evening.

Which means I should be off the blogging radar for a few days. Unless I figure out how to do drunk texting. But when I am back, I am sure to have plenty of photos of 5 very lovely ladies and 1 very windy city.


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  1. Sue

    Oh my goodness, does that restaurant ever sound like fun! Have a grand time.

  2. nutmeg

    I’m actually quite a fan of drunk texting!

  3. Tree

    Have a great time!!!!

  4. Builder Mama

    Hooray! Have a safe trip and a fantastic time!

  5. joansy

    I want stories!
    I want pictures!

  6. g-man

    Have a hoot.

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