Why I Love March of Dimes and Alyson Hannigan.

Some of you know this. But Declan was a preemie. He came at 32 weeks, hard-core, flailing into this word and scaring us to death. On a Friday the 13th no less.

He spent 6 weeks in the NICU and after that, took 2 years to fully catch up to where he was supposed to be developmentally. Technically, that is “perfect” for a preemie. They are expected to go home from the hospital around their due date and then take about 24 months to stop having the phrase “adjusted age” applied to them constantly.

I don’t talk about it much anymore because he is 8+ … healthy, recovered. No lasting effects other than being the world’s biggest clutz, but who are we kidding? That has more to do with being related to me than anything.

Still, those first years were hard. Preemies are really susceptible to germs in the beginning. Being born in September, Declan had to get (really, really expensive) shots monthly to protect against RSV all through that first winter – and he made his very first appearance in a grocery store the next May. I still cringe when I see itty bitty babies out around town. Not that those moms are doing anything wrong – just that our experience was SO DIFFERENT.

But we all have our stories, right?

As parents, there is no way to survive without the worry and fear that accompanies all that joy. That’s why it was really cool that I was able to get on a conference call with actress Alyson Hannigan, to mainly just chat about her daughter. (And NOT about that one time at band camp.)

Alyson clearly loves being a mother. I was surprised to hear how much acting allows her to flex her schedule for her daughter, and how she brings her to work as much as possible. She also mentioned that acting helped her in the funny face department when making her daughter laugh.

She said she tries to make life as normal as possible for her family, even with paparazzi around. She will smile and pose, and then try to quickly get in the car. Which isn’t all that easy while lugging a baby carrier, right??

Random Alyson trivia: Her favorite app is Angry Birds and since How I Met Your Mother is on summer break, she hasn’t had as much time to play. Apparently they all use the time between between takes to fling birds at rocks. NICE!

So WHY did we get together on the phone some random day in May?

Johnson’s Baby is supporting March of Dimes, and if you were paying attention above, I kinda love March of Dimes.

If you go to their Facebook page and like them, Johnson’s Baby will donate $1 to March of Dimes, so basically, those likes are going to support kids like Declan.

And well, kids like Alyson’s daughter. And your son or daughter.

Because we do really all have the same stories, right?

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  1. Everyfann

    I didn’t know that about Declan – how scary! Glad you got through it ok. And WOW Alyson Hannigan – how cool!!!

  2. Rachel

    So jealous you got to be on a conference call with Alyson – she seems so down-to-earth and awesome. (And yay! March of Dimes!)

  3. Meghann

    OMG you got to talk to Willow?!?!?! I’m dying with jealousy, lol!

    I’m feeling all kinds of guilt because we had to miss our March of Dimes walk this year, we’ve participated every year for a long time.

    I’m a three time NICU veteran, and one time PICU. My oldest had a severe birth injury, my second had a birth defect, then I had a 34 weeker, and then a 31 weeker.

    A big thanks to you, Alyson, and everyone who clicks that “Like” button!

  4. Anonymous

    Love this, AImee – what a great way to help March of Dimes. Keep on trucking. – m

  5. Anonymous

    I remember all too well what a scary time Declan’s birth was. Thank God for all the people that helped with his recovery and thank God for the March of Dimes. I’ll make sure to forward to my friends so they can help out too.

  6. Megan

    I love Willow!!! LOL. And Angry Birds! 🙂 Clicking over now.

  7. Tracy

    I’m so glad to hear of Johnson’s Baby initiative through Facebook to help out March of Dimes. Thanks for that handy bit of info. I’ll be sure to spread the word!

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