Sep 2015

My Body Sings Electric: Concert Photos from the Bluebird

The Denver music family really is a family. Recently, when My Body Sings Electric members Brandon and Nick jokingly started a Twitter fight (mostly about being in a van together for a long time), my response was to put them in online time-out. What these guys don’t realize is that it’s hard on us too when they tour because we don’t like to share.

So it was a packed house when MBSE returned to the Bluebird Theater recently, with also-awesome opening band Red Fox Run. Brandon had recently broken his foot (which had him wobbling in a boot), yet he still managed to jump around with the rest of the guys pretty well. The set list was a treat for long-time fans and included “Doctor,” “Step Into The Light,” as well as my two favorite songs back to back: “End of Summer” (which was used on a Kodak Times Square video) and “Oceancrest.” I like to pretend that was done for me.

But either way, you know a band loves you when you get the middle finger right into the camera.

My Body Sings Electric 2015

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May 2015


This is probably going to sound very self-pitying and whiny, but trust me, I am grateful for my life. It’s just that things have shifted so greatly over the last few years, it’s hard not to be reflective.

Given our work and hobbies, not to mention the kid, we’ve had friendships that cross into several different groups of people. Primarily, for me, that has meant mom bloggers, musicians, tech/social media peeps and PTA parents. Our connections within those groups swelled so much that they crossed over within each other and life was pretty frenetic. Almost every single night there was one, two, three or more possibilities for going out in any one, two or more of these areas. Foursquare was roaring because you could check in, and regularly find out a friend was not only nearby, but often times was in the same bar. If I went to see a local band, I could expect to know many people there.

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Stay by Rob Drabkin
May 2015

Watch Rob Drabkin’s Beautiful New Video: “Stay (The Morning Light Fades)”

It is so inspiring when friends do creative things. I feel so lucky to have such friends all around.

Rob Drabkin was among the very first Denver musicians I ever met, when he opening for Poi Dog Pondering many moons ago. He has become a very dear friend, but also continues to write the most gorgeous songs (as well as a jingle for Stapleton or two). Lately, he has been collaborating with filmmaker Dillon Novak to make stunning music videos. This time around they also worked with a professional contemporary ballet company, and all dancing was choreographed by Amanda Copple.

The results speak for themselves.

ROB DRABKIN – stay (the morning light fades) from Dillon C. Novak on Vimeo.

Design Mom Book
May 2015

Design Mom: The Book & Denver Book Tour Stop

I know I met Gabrielle Blair at SXSW Interactive. It was really early in this blog, and she had Kirtsy with Laura and Laurie. I loved all three of them instantly and I’m proud to call all of them good friends. Then there was the time that Gabby lived in Colorado and I got to see her (slightly) more often – but most times, I just stalk her online like everyone else does.

Gracious. That is one word that I have seen used to describe Gaby’s book, but I would say that is pretty much her whole being. If anyone can float around the room and make you more calm with her presence, it’s her. So *OF COURSE* her book feels just like that too.

Even though you marvel at how she manages life with six kids. And creates such a beautiful site. With all those lovely photos. And kick-butt ideas.

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Ben Roy and SPELLS Band - Denver Concert Photos
Mar 2015

SPELLS Concert Photos from Hi-Dive Denver

You know Ben Roy? Most of Denver does, as a comedian from The Grawlix. But his band SPELLS is also gaining attention – only partially because Ben yells about them a lot. I like to go see them a lot, because they are awesome. And loud.

Denver is becoming a hotbed for comedy as well as music, so I love how the two are intertwining like some magical unicorn horn. You can often see comedians at local musicians’ shows and vice versa.

When I asked Ben if I could come shoot their recent Hi-Dive show, he promised not to smash my camera in the process. As you can see from the photos, he came close, but really it was my fault for putting myself in the middle of these guys.

Hell, that is part of the fun.

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