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Preschool Clues – The Parenting Book For A Media Saturated World

I met Angela Santomero about six or seven years ago at a PBS meetup. It was about six months before Daniel Tiger was going to launch, and she was just entering the social media world. We had connected online prior to meeting in person, but a true friendship was born when the co-founder of Blue’s Clues, my son’s all-time favorite show, looked me right in the eyes and said, “I love learning all about Dex on Twitter.”

Angela often talks about how Mr. Rogers was her mentor in many ways. The funny thing is, she’s like a lot like him too. A pioneer in children’s programming as well as a warm, kind, caring person. (OK, sure, I didn’t know Mr. Rogers personally but I think we can all agree that is how he was.)

When I received a copy of Angela’s Book, Preschool Clues, I teared up right there at the note from the author. She described how she felt meeting Mr. Rogers for the first time, which obviously echoed how I felt about her.

Preschool Clues - Parenting book by Angelea Santomero, creator of Blue's Clues, Super Why and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Angela ended up becoming a client and (disclosure) I am still one of the administrators on her Angela’s Clues facebook page. But here’s the thing about Angela, to be honest, she really didn’t need me and she mainly still has me on as a safety net because she is so busy. The lady goes after whatever she wants to learn; I just had to send her in the right direction, and off she went.

So, more than a client, I consider Angela (and her family) friends. And that’s what her new book, Preschool Clues, feels like. Advice from a friend (who really knows what they are talking about).

I used to write much more about my family here, but as my son became a teen, they weren’t my stories to tell anymore. But I still absorb parenting advice from all around. When I got Angela’s book, I wasn’t sure how much would apply, since it’s geared towards the younger set. But turns out, much of the advice is universal. While Angela produces televisions shows, those shows encourage critical thinking and so does her book. It’s not media for media’s sake. Let’s learn and grow together through media.

Many of the core values we see in Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger (and all of Angela’s shows – there are many) resonate through the book and they are good reminders for parents – and people – of all ages.

We have a running joke that as my son and her daughters grew, we need Blue to grow too. “Blue Goes To Prom.” “Blue Learns How To Drive.” “Blue Applies For College.” With the show’s revival, I again hope it will happen!

Until then, I have the parenting lessons in Angela’s book.  ❤

Preschool Clues - Parenting book by Angelea Santomero, creator of Blue's Clues, Super Why and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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  1. Lisa Jensen

    Love Blue’s Clues! What a great story, Aimee.

  2. Angela Rathbun

    This sounds like a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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