Dance Anxiety

"Can I stay home from school on Friday?" Dex asked; we didn't know what to say. "There is a dance for 6th graders and 90% of my friends are staying home so they don't have to go." Everything came rushing back, as if I was Molly Ringwald just finding out her underpants were on display for every nerd in school.

Talk To Your Tweens & Teens About Drugs

It happened. Kids at Dex's middle school were allegedly busted for pot. I say "allegedly" because I have only heard it from my kid, but that is not really the point. Our conversations about drugs have gone to the next level nonetheless.One of my big…

The Sarcasm Gene

Dex is off school so we let him sleep in, but just went in and woke him up for the day.Me: Did you hear all that thunderstorming this morning???Him: No, I was ASLEEEEP.Me: Awwww, you got the sarcastic gene!!Him: I don't know WHOOO I would…

I Don’t Want Any New Friends.

OK. That's not exactly true.Especially since I just got back from the I Heart Faces Conference and made several lovely new friends... and everyone should always be open to new people in their lives. But generally. I am 43, my son has started middle school…

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