Ubooly The Smart Toy Is Now Even Smarter

Note: I was provided credits for Ubooly Labs but all words are mine.


We have been watching Ubooly for a long time and not just because she is so cute. (In my head, Ubooly is a she.) Whatever she is, I love this cute orange plush toy that you can play with all on her own, but then you slip an iOS device in her, and she comes alive.

I supported the original Kickstarter campaign, and it’s such a thrill for friends to now text me photos of Uboolys  on the shelves all over the world. Seriously. My pal Sophia was just in Toronto and literally stopped in her tracks at all the orange fluff up there.

Now, Ubooly the toy has a major update to the iTunes app and added the Ubooly Lab. Registration is free, and then you have access to educational modules that you turn on for your child to view either inside Ubooly or directly on the iPhone or iPod (Android coming soon). As your kids interact with Ubooly, they earn coins that you can use to unlock modules or “buy” decorations for Ubooly’s room (and face). Or, you can purchase credits directly through the web site.

I love the idea that I can pick educational modules for my kid (yes, even my 10 year old still loves Ubooly even though the subject matter is a bit young for him) and he can interact with Ubooly in a meaningful way.

OK, fine, we both have play with Ubooly like crazy. You caught me.

The other thing I love about the Ubooly Lab is I have entered Dex’s likes (ice cream and cats) and Ubooly has started talking about those things. She really *IS* smart.

Personally, I would like to see more illustrations in the specific learning modules, but I can see that just chatting with Ubooly (and jumping over her when she asks you to) would be overwhelming enough for the young ones.

Especially if Ubooly shares your love of ice cream and cats.


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  1. Karen

    That is so cute!

  2. Michelle

    I love my Ubooly. Thanks for the tip to update.

  3. Heidi

    HOW CUTE!~

  4. Anna

    How cute!!!

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