10 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There has been a flurry of amazing pins for Valentine’s Day over the last week, so I thought I would share some of my holiday favorites. I know we all could have used these about a month ago, but I, for one, will be saving these for next year!

1. Secret Valentine’s Day Messages
2. Nerd Valentines
3. You Rule Non-Candy Valentines
4. Paper Flower Tutorial
5. Fruit Roll-up Fortune Cookies
6. Yoda Light Saber Valentines
7. Owl Bookmark Valentines
8. Heart Cut-Out Wrapping Paper
9. Sign Language I Love You Valentine Card
10. Valentine Heart Sandwich Cookies


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  1. Everyfann

    I love the fruit rollup sushi! So clever!!!

  2. Andrea

    Yes, totally grabbing these for next year!

  3. somespecieseattheiryoung.com

    That Yoda one is awesome. Going to use lit glowsticks and give to kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sarah Park

    Very wonderful ideas. Looks like this would be useful for me next year. Though, I’d like to teach my kids these simple tips.

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