One of the only ones *not* in San Jose

There is a strange phenomenon going on around the Net today. All the women are missing.

Apparently they have all absconded to San Jose, California, for the 2nd BlogHer conference. It is utterly amazing to me how blogs have taken hold of the common man, or woman – in this case – and I sometimes wonder if the trend of blogging will be a passing fantasy or something that really takes hold and shapes the way we view the world. I tend to think the latter. Either that, or all these women are just looking for an excuse to go nuts for two days. (OK, maybe a little of both.)

I must admit, in general, I feel intimidated by the BlogHer group. It feels a bit like they all got invites to the prom and I am staying home watching crappy rerun movies on TNT. Sometimes when I read the blog exchanges, I get utterly confused by all the inside jokes and ramblings. Not that I have tried to enter the realm, mind you. And not like anyone has kept me out. It’s just that everyone has different reasons for blogging. Mine just happen to be the fact that I can never hold on to any given memory for more than 5 minutes – so I use this blog to document our life, right here right now. That’s probably why only family and friends are ever interested in reading it and I’ll never make a living at it as some do. But that’s OK. It’s how I like it.

Although getting trashed with a bunch of cool chicks in San Jose sounds kinda fun too.

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