3 New Techniques

Since I am feeling poorly, I didn’t go to pottery class last night – but I did stop by and pick up pieces that finally made it through the glaze fire. One has been sitting on my shelf for over three months, along with the fountain I half started 4 months ago. I really need to get off my guff and finish these projects, because it’s so fun to take home the final pieces! I may actually keep some of these this time.

This one uses glaze pencils… where you draw the design on and then dip it in clear glaze to coat it.

This one is a bowl I threw on the wheel that was too thick, so I carved into the edges to make that beehive looking pattern. I am really excited about this one and plan to make several more like it.

I call this one the Garbage Sink. Meaning I have no idea what glazes I put on there to ge this effect. I do know I put a crackley glaze in the bottom… but not sure how I got the coppery effect at the top. One of the mysteries of pottery is how glazes react to each other.

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