30 Years of KBCO

I am not sure how much people outside Colorado will appreciate this post, but here goes.

As I was driving in today, I was listening to KBCO – the quintessential Colorado rock radio station – and morning DJ Bret Saunders was playing Melissa Etheridge live in Studio C. Wow, her voice is amazing live.

Those loyal to KBCO know that Studio C is this awesome little part of KBCO where they record artists live and they put out annual best-of CDs that are literally clambered over, fought over, traded over and pirated throughout Colorado. But Melissa was the first. The station itself is celebrating 30 years this weekend, but Studio C started over 18 years ago.

Bret loves to tell the story of how Melissa came in and recorded “Bring Me Some Water” right there there in the hallway, because – back then – there was no room or inclination to actually record in the studio. But today’s guest was the original program director, and he immediately cut Bret off – told him that he always tells the story wrong. And if you listen to Bret – you know how amusing this is, because “The Sage of Modern Rock” is never wrong, but also has enough self-deprecating humor to think it’s hilarious that he has been telling the story wrong all these years.

Apparently, back then, they had just redone the studio and there were several of them… Studio A, Studio B, Studio C…  Melissa came in for her standard interview and happened to have her guitar on her back. The program director said – “HEY! We have all this new recording equipment, would you like to record some tracks while you are here?” And Melissa apparently said, “NO! Let’s play them live on the air AND record them!”

Studio C was born.

The part about the hallway? Apparently Melissa was inside Studio C, but there was not enough room for the fancy new recording equipment. So that was relegated to the hall.

It’s strange for me to think that we have lived here in Colorado for almost half of KBCO’s life. It feels like something that is so ingrained in Colorado that it must have been here way back when Molly Brown was.

It’s the kind of station that transcends generations. The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, The Shins, Fleetwood Mac, U2, The Killers, Jackson Browne… and yes, Melissa Etheridge… all have a home there. It’s the kind of radio station you put on during a party and know everyone will be just fine.

Happy anniversary, KBCO. Thanks for making us feel at home in our new home.

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    Cool beans!

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    that is really cool!

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