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303 Day with 3OH!3, The Maine & Wildermiss at Mission

March 3rd is always a holiday around here! 303 is Denver’s main area code, and we’ve turned it into a celebration of all things Colorado, especially local music. KTCL Channel 93.3 mounted a big party at Mission Ballroom for 2023’s 303 Day with the most obvious choice for the headliner: Boulder’s 3OH!3. You can see the crowd knew how to make a 303 symbol with their hands along with the band, and pretty much all night. Also joining the festivities were The Maine, Joey Valence & Brae (who I sadly did not get photos of), and Wildermiss. Still trying to figure out what The Maine or Joey Valence & Brae’s connection to Denver is (other than The Maine plays here all the time!), but Wildermiss is (and always will be) a Denver-born band even though they have recently moved to Nashville.

Either way, the Mission was utterly packed for a Friday 303 Day, and – per usual at Channel 93.3 events – I saw a ton of people I knew. It’s always a gathering of friends and good vibes. I am unsure how many times I can use the words “fun” and “party” to describe the night, but that pretty much sums it up. Sad we have to wait another 11 months for the next one, but there are plenty of summer events to look forward to now too!

303 Day – Denver Concert Photos

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