303 Music Fest - Denver Concert Photos

First Ever 303 Music Fest with CITRA, Eldren and Other Black

It’s apparent I love local music, so, of course, I loved the first ever 303 Music Fest from 303 Magazine – which celebrated our local Denver scene. Sure, just as is true of any first-time event, there were some snags, like the whole thing kicking off, like, um, really-really late. But when you are out to enjoy music and have access to drinks, who really cares, right?

The Church nightclub is a fun venue for these types of events because you can have multiple stages in one building. I will be honest, though – I stayed in the main area with CITRA, Eldren and Other Black because that is pretty much *the* perfect Denver concert. Even better? Wes Watkins and the Other Black crew from brought people in from multitudes of other Colorado bands in for a “Super Jam.” Representatives from Air Dubai, Wheelchair Sports Camp, The Flobots, Izcalli, The Milk Blossoms, and many more were there to add to the party.

So, my next question is when is the next 303 Music Fest?

303 Music Fest Photos

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