Aimee Giese – Style Guru???

When Yummie Tummie approached me to talk about style for this post, I laughed, OH HOW I LAUGHED. Till tears crept out of the edges of my eyelids and I had to sop them up with the edges of my new Yummie Tummie leggins that they had graciously provided for me to show you how I might wear them.

See, I am not very fashion-forward. I mean, I try. I look, enjoy what people do and emulate it – blah blah – but I don’t think anyone, ever, got any style tips from me.

But here goes.

Because, even though I resisted the comeback of leggins (leggings? legg-ins? – See? I am clearly unqualified to write this post), when I gave in, I remembered how comfortable they are.

But the flip side to that coin is, also feeling well – exposed – when you are not – well, Kate Moss size, and I am – well, NOT.

This is where Heather Thomson from Yummie Tummie comes in. While she *is* Kate Moss size – although maybe about 2 feet taller, she understands that we ALL want a little unsurgical nipping and tucking now and again. I definitely feel smoother and more in control of the jiggles with these leggings.

As far as the styles I could show you? Very. little. control. Especially when Bryan, Declan and I started doing a “photoshoot” of our ideas.


Started out simple enough with my go-to leggings look. I have a long shirt-dress-thing (the official term) that is perfect for them and I will dress it up with a scarf and silly shoes.


I also have felt more comfortable in these leggings to go a little shorter than normal with the tops, and then wear them with a jean jacket. By the way – are Converse in or out? I don’t actually care. I will still wear them – just wondering.


This is when the boys started started really getting annoyed with me – but the point being – this is a little print dress that I wear by itself in the summer and can stretch in to the Fall and Winter when I pull leggings underneath them.


ALSO! Did you know that leggings also double for preppy over the shoulder sweaters? Great for pretending to be a fraternity dude. That was Bryan’s suggestion.


And then DECLAN thought it would be great to CARRY the leggings around my WAIST, just in case I needed a second pair.


And finally, we ALL think leggings piled up high will give Erykah Badu a run for her money any day of the week.

Actually that last one didn’t work so well, because I have the shiny leggings from Yummie Tummie so they kept slipping off my head, but you get the idea.


Am I a style maven yet???

Are national news programs now going to have me on for my awesome style advice???

Yeah, riiiight.

Anyway, how do YOU like to wear leggins, leggings, leg-ins – whatever they are called?


This post is part of a style series sponsored by Yummie Tummie and Clever Girls Collective. I received a complimentary pair of leggings, and compensation for writing the post. All of the views expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OMG, Joey – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    converse always in – jean jacket, not so sure.

  3. Sizzle

    I might have to try these Yummie Tummie things as I keep hearing about them thru the blogosphere. I love leggings! Especially with a shirt dress (belted, naturally) and boots. Tre chic!

    IMO, Converse never go out of style.

  4. Tree

    I love them! You have nice long legs, so I think you can pull it off nicely.

  5. MPPs Mom

    You look so darn cute in them, I might have to get over my fear of being too old to wear them and trying to look like I’m 20.

  6. Anonymous

    You look great! – m

  7. Anonymous

    I love to wear them under sweater dresses but am excited to try a pair of Yummie Tummies. They sound great! Have you heard the term Jeggins? They are the leggings that look like jeans…lol – Rachel

  8. everyfann

    You look great Aimee! And the photos are hilarious!

  9. Joey

    “At the Marni Men’s show during the Fall 2007 Fashion Week, outfits with leggings designed solely for men were introduced.”

    Heyyyyyyyyy, Bugfrog.

  10. zenrain

    I only feel like I can wear them when I’m not wearing socks, and I really like to wear socks, and at work I HAVE to wear socks… so I have several pair that I never wear… maybe I need to try these though…I’ll take some ideas from you!

  11. chloebear

    i’m getting some yummie tummie’s!

  12. Lynn MacDonald

    Funny post… i feel like i actually INVENTED leggings as i started wearing cut off thick stockings back in 1985. I have NEVER stopped wearing them. In fact, one of my friends suggested that i have a leggings party and make EVERYONE dress like me. hahaha… i love leggings and couldn’t live without them. just saying…

  13. Anne

    I really like the look in picture #1… short dress w/ the funky ballet flats. VERY cute! I want a pair!

  14. Momo Fali

    Not everyone can pull off that preppy, over-the-shoulder thing. Oh wait, not anyone can. Well, except for you, of course.

  15. Momo Fali

    Wow…”not anyone can” sounded WAY better in my head. Not anyone can pull off a sarcastic comment. Especially not me.

  16. RookieMom Whitney

    Funny funny. I love when people turn a review post into something of value. Especially if the value is that it made me laugh. (No offense to your fashion tips. Well, maybe a little offense to them.)

  17. Anonymous

    you look ugly as hell

  18. Table4Five

    “Anonymous” is an asshole as usual. You look adorable! Looked like you had a lot of fun!

  19. Margit

    you look fabulous!

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