Monkey Ape Selfie


Dex started taking Spanish classes last year in 6th grade. We were stunned by how much he was learning, and how fast. His middle school teacher has been using an immersion method, where she just gets them talking. Awesome, but hard for this type-a mom to not correct conjugation. But after a year, I have learned to shut my mouth, listen to him tell me about Spanish class and DO NOT interject.

Him: I learned the word for monkey today!

Me: Hmm!

Him: Now I can call you a crazy monkey! Tu es un mono loco!

Me: Ummm.

Him: Mono Loco! Hahahahaha.

Me: You do realize your nickname has always been monkey?

Him: Yeah, so?

Me: And your dad has called you “monito” your whole life?

Him: Yeah?

Me: As in, “little monkey.”



Him: I always thought he was saying MO-JI-TO!

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  1. Tammy

    hahah go dex!

  2. Gwen

    So, did you have to pay the monkey to use that picture or the photographer? I was just reading an article about this photo and the big argument behind it! LOL

    • Aimee Giese | Greeblehaus

      Gwen, it was ruled as public domain. I think it’s weird – but if you follow copyright law, in that the person who took the photo owns the pic, it does make sense. I thought it made it even funnier. I mentioned the case just yesterday in a presentation I was giving!

  3. Stevie

    He is so cute!

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