Aunt Heidi’s Brave New World

Wow, what a difference a major stay in the hospital makes.

See, before, Aunt Heidi was very tight-lipped about politics. But I guess she has a new motto after being attacked by a flesh eating bacteria, because she is lettin’ it ALL HANG OUT. We all had a several hour conversation about politics yesterday – and even more amazing, generally AGREED on everything that was being discussed.

See in the past, my immediate family usually pitted our votes against each other. I remember one year there was even a Clinton-Bush-Perot love triangle.

But now, we all seem to be in harmony (except that lovably conservative uncle who remains nameless, but what’s a family without one of those, right? He and I crack each other up around election time and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!).

BUT! Here’s the best part!

Heidi has a new platform for voting that I think we all should adopt.


Forget this experience crap. What has it got us? Chronyism. Cynicism. Doing things just cause it’s the way it’s always been done.

Seriously, barf.

Heidi says we only vote for people if they are rookies.

Let’s hear it people! If you are new and ready to take on the old dodgers who have fucked up this country, go run for office! My family will vote for you.

You can thank Aunt Heidi for the idea.

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  1. mollyfa

    I love your aunt!

  2. Meghann

    Well, there is a grassroots campaign consisting of my friends, they have been trying to get me to run as soon as I’m old enough. So Meghann 2016! Woowoo!

  3. sue

    Yay for Aunt Heidi! (The pics are wonderful…)

  4. Anonymous


  5. Abi Jones

    Your 2nd to last paragraph is the best set of sentences I’ve read all day. You’re hilarious and I figured it was about time I said so instead of just being one of those people that takes and takes and takes and never comments.

  6. Ashmystir

    Way to go Aunt Heidi!! Great idea! =)

  7. painted maypole

    whatever gets you to Obama in the end, I’m all for. 😉

  8. carrie

    I think she’s on to something! 🙂

  9. Doodaddy

    I always write myself in for something — usually like a district court judge that’s running unopposed.

    After reading this I want to get other people to write me in, too!


    P.S. You ever consider running for anything? Seriously? It’s entered my mind… school board… PTA treasurer… park clean-up committee…

  10. A Mom Two Boys

    Yay Aunt Heidi!

    Jack Cafferty made a very similar point the other night. He said Obama may be inexperienced, but look at where experience has landed us recently.

    Makes ya think. Again, yay Aunt Heidi!

  11. Suzanne

    I totally 100% agree with Aunt Heidi. Totally.

    Now to spread the word….

  12. nutmeg

    Good thing Aunt Heidi came around! No luck here – I inhaled. A lot.

  13. Queeny

    I figure after Hillary or Barack gets into office, I’ll be a shoo-in, being the double-minority and newcomer that I am.

  14. blogapotamus

    Hell to the yes, Aunt Heidi! Who needs someone who’s going to do it the same way that everyone else has done it? Cause it’s OBVIOUSLY WORKING SO WELL.

  15. villanovababy

    This is the second time I’ve found myself quoting your blog in conversation with other people. 🙂

    Let’s hear it for the Rookies!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Allison, I know what you mean, but LET’S GET SOME NEW BLOOD! 😉

  17. zipper

    I am with Heidi! In with the new!

  18. soccer mom in denial

    While I thoroughly enjoy the sentiment, and am relieved that Aunt Heidi is doing better, I do have to say that not all politicians are croonies, etc.

    Having spent most of my career working with state legislators I know that some “lifers” are smart, dedicated and committed to serving. Take a state Representative (since retired) who took on children’s oral health care when no one cared about it back in the late 1990’s. She made it her passion and fought so hard to improve care in our state through out her 3-4 terms in office.

    And the amazing thing? She represented a well-to-do district. She was doing this because children throughout our state were suffering and she wanted to fix it, not because her constituents would directly benefit.

    So not all incumbents are bad. I mean, how long have some of us been at our jobs?

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