Author: Aimee


It was gray and raining this morning, then snowing and then within 15 minutes, clear blue skies and massive sunshine. Took some fun pictures of wet leaves, though. Thanks, Mother Nature!

Press 1 to kill your husband.

A: ((dials Bryan's extension... ringg ringg))B: ((answers phone)) Hello, thank you for calling Bryan. If you would like speak to Bryan, press 1.A: ((1))B: I'm sorry, all Bryan's are busy right now. If you would like to talk to a horse, press 2.A: ((2))B: Now,…

Puppy Removal Procedure

Well, we started telling Declan that the dentist wants him to stop chewing his puppies because it is hurting his teeth. He was unthrilled. But he was definitely trying. He will bring the ear up to his mouth, then you see the gears turning in…


As I've mentioned, I take pottery classes every week. Love it. Although I do feel guilty sometimes for how much "Me time" I receive through it. I have been trying to encourage Bryan to do more of the same, but that is a story for…

Hot Potato

A friend asked over the weekend what my favorite Halloween costume of all time was. I told her about how I loved the costumes my mom made for me growing up (she was super handy with needle and thread, a gene that did NOT flow…

The Bad and the Good.

Allergy results:- Aimee allergic to 2 kinds of trees.- Declan allergic to 1 kind of kitty-cat.Fuuuuuuuck!That was the bad news (if you couldn't tell). The good news is the Doc was not all over us to get rid of the cat. (Insert Aimee happy face).…

Rock on.

Last night, Declan and I had a dance party to the Beatles. The first thng he said this morning, before even Good Morning, was "Can I listen the the Beatles now???" Good man.
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