Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Top of the morn, um, I mean… evening to ya.

I feel really ridiculous saying that, but I do have a little Irish in me, so I’m allowed. My dad’s side of the family is Irish and English (…and as you know, my mom’s side is German – so I am full of Europeans who beat the shit out of each other).

For those who couldn’t guess, Declan is a very Irish name. We didn’t pick it because of my minor amount of Irish ancestory… nor did we pick it becasue it is Elvis Costello’s real name. We picked it because – plain and simple – it kicks ass! Not to mention, how can you not love a saint who traded Guiness’ with St. Patrick himself?

We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this evening with Sophia (of the adorable voicemail message) and her family. Also, Sophia’s little brother Oliver (of the adorable huge-eyed grin) turned 1 today. Lately, Sophia has been feeling a bit resentful towards her little brother (basically asking her parents when he was going to go live elsewhere) – so I am sure inviting Sophia’s friends was a strategic move on the parent’s part to not have Oliver’s bags packed and on the curb by a little mop-head who is ready for her own damn birthday in a few weeks.

Either way, should be a fun evening tonight.

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